洞穴探险队 Caver

洞穴探险队 Caver

What kind of game is this?

《Caver》 is a pixelated, card and rogue-like game.

The game follows the basic setting of the traditional card game, such as energy consumption, discard card and so on. It’s also a rogue-like game, with different NPCS, events, items and even scenarios for each time the player encounters them on the train. A large number of card combinations, distinctive NPCS, powerful items and quests of different contents make players discover new things with each challenge.

The story background

A huge underground cave.
In order to explore the unknown area, a group of explorers accepted the task of cave exploration.
Cavemen, goblins, reptiles of ancient times, and other animals beyond common sense will prevent explorers from going further.
But in return, intrepid explorers will discover hidden treasures.


PC requirements:
  • OS:
  • Processor:
  • Graphics:
  • Sound Card:

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