AK-xolotl : Wars Demo

AK-xolotl : Wars Demo



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AK-xolotl : Wars Demo

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AK-xolotl : Wars Demo

About the Game

What happens when you combine a hungry axolotl with an AK? You get a ‘lotl of killing!

AK-xolotl: Wars is a 4 player top-down arcade battle arena shooter set in the AK-xolotl universe. You’re an axolotl with an AK (duh!) that goes on a rampage, shooting down their next meal! Play with your friends and hunt down your meal together!

Team up with up to 3 friends and work together in order to dominate the leaderboards!

AK-xolotl : Wars Demo

Face off against increasingly chaotic waves of walking preys, with the aid of powerful weaponry and abilities. Team up with your friends, hunt your meal and feed the baby axolotls who look insanely bad-ass with a gun.

Want to impress the community? The more enemies you demolish, the higher your score! Keep it going and you’ll be splashing onto the leaderboards in no time.

Fun fact: Did you know Axolotls can regenerate their limbs?

AK-xolotl : Wars Demo

Some of AK-xolotl’s features are:

  • Tons of different weapons w/ stat Roles and rare variants
  • Multiple power-ups to beef up your Axolotl
  • Over 20 types of enemies, Axolotl’s meal will be buffet style!
  • 3 maps with multiple variations
  • Cute unlockable skins
  • Fully supported online leaderboards


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 10 or newer
  • Processor: (64 bit) Anything for gaming bought in the past 2 or 3 years
  • Graphics: Nvidia or ATI DirectX11 Compatible Graphics Card

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