Alan Wake Developer Commentary

Alan Wake Developer Commentary

Developer Commentary Videos

While you play the game listen to the Remedy team’s comments about the locations and design. The commentary contains about one hour of videos, you can activate it from the in-game menu options.

Illustrated PDF Book

A brave and deeply disturbing account of one man’s attempt to confront the visions that haunted him. Clay Steward’s gripping journey takes him to a small town in the pacific Northwest where he follows in the tracks of best-selling author Alan Wake and renegade FBI Agent Robert Nightingale. There he travels ever deeper in the woods and ever farther into the heart of darkness to unravel a series of mysterious events that reach hundreds of years into the past and chillingly into the present. The 130-page illustrated PDF Book will be placed in your Alan Wake folder in the Steam Directory:
…SteamsteamappscommonAlan WakeAlan_Wake_Files


A soundtrack containing 49 minutes of fully mastered tracks in 320kbps MP3 format, composed by Petri Alanko, Old Gods of Asgard and Poets of the Fall. Tracks:

  • A Writer’s Dream – Petri Alanko
  • Welcome to Bright Falls – Petri Alanko
  • The Clicker – Petri Alanko
  • Taken by the Night – Petri Alanko
  • Mirror Peak – Petri Alanko
  • Tom the Diver – Petri Alanko
  • Hunters – Petri Alanko
  • The Well-Lit Room – Petri Alanko
  • Departure – Petri Alanko
  • Children of the Elder God – Old Gods of Asgard
  • The Poet and the Muse – Old Gods of Asgard
  • War – Poets of the Fall
  • Tom the Diver (Collector’s Edition Exclusive Mix) – Petri Alanko
    The Soundtrack will be placed in your Alan Wake folder in the Steam directory:
    …SteamsteamappscommonAlan WakeSoundtrack


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