Anagrams Soundtrack

Anagrams Soundtrack

The Anagrams OST features over 80 minutes of music composed exclusively for the game, ranging from light and airy to deep and contemplative to energizing and heart-pumping.

We wanted each of the game modes in Anagrams to have its own unique vibe. The main theme and menu tracks evolve from bright to mellow, using synths, chimes, and ambient sounds that inspired the rest of the soundtrack.

For Classic & Free mode, we composed five relaxing and cheerful tracks for the puzzling portion. For the anagram solving portion, we composed a long, contemplative track that creates a pensive mood.

For Zen mode, we wanted to give the player a truly relaxing experience, free from any pressure and inspired by sleep and meditation soundscapes. For the puzzling portion, we composed two long tracks with sounds of nature flowing in and out of serene instruments. For the solving portion, the sound of waves washes over a sparse, airy solo.

As for Blitz mode, we wanted the complete opposite and came up with four tracks that crank up the energy level while still fitting with the ambient feel of the game.

Files are available as MP3 and WAV.


PC requirements:
  • Storage: 83 MB available space
  • Storage (high-quality audio): Additional 876 MB available space

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