Battle Talent

Battle Talent

Ver.0.0.2 Updated

It’s just a quick fixed. Happy holidays everyone

* Increase the drop rate of coin
* Set EasySwing as default movement setup
* Optimize Tutorial level
* Fixed bugs in the sandbox custom button
* Show tips when player use Oculus device running with SteamSDK, they should open Oculus.exe first to get better experience (not tested yet)
* Add version code on the message board
* The Climb Room( it’s not polished enough when using axe to climb)
What Coming Next:
* Try to add some parkour elements
* More language support
* Follow-up development outline

About the Game

Battle Talent

What is Battle Talent

Battle Talent is a VR action game with Advanced Physics that satisfies your Combat Fantasy.
Let’s train yourself like a Warrior !

It is suitable for:

  • players who like Creative Combat
  • like to Workout in VR
  • Challenge and Roguelite lover
  • VR enthusiast who wants to try Advanced Physics


  • Advanced Physics: brings you accurate collision, climb, physics feedbacks and sounds, badass weapons and enemies…
  • Rich Combat Selections: aerial combo, deflect, grab, throw, dismember, shoot, magic…
  • Unique Weapons: many weapons have special skills, such as summoning lighting and ice
  • Roguelite Levels: massive seamless dungeon and lots of enemies, room events, loots waiting for you
  • Progress: you can earn coins and unlock new abilities and weapons in store as you played
  • Multiple Languages and Brutal Settings Supported


  • It is not easy to make a personal investment for two years, there is no form of crowdfunding, please join our Discord community, share, add a wish list to support us
  • The demo version only contains 90% of Trailer content
  • The image quality of Quest version is not exactly the same as Trailer
  • Seeking translation volunteers, your name will be shown in credits
  • We will checkout reviews and Discord almost everyday, please let us know if you have any disappointment or suggestion.
  • Before you start to play, make sure there are no people or monitor around you, In case of tragedy.


PC requirements:
  • OS: windows7
  • Processor: i5-7260U 2.2GHz
  • Graphics: GTX1060

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