Battleships At Dawn!

Battleships At Dawn!

Mintaka Softworks is proud to announce the upcoming release of its naval strategy game "Battleships At Dawn" for PC and Mobile platforms. Capture and hold resources, secure and defend strategic locations, explore large realistic maps and try to outsmart a cunning AI computer in this new turn-based naval strategy game.


You are tasked to protect an oil depot in some remote pacific islands. When all the communications are lost with your headquarters, you are left alone to counter the advance of a large enemy Taskforce. You must expand your influence zone, gather resource and prepare for the final confrontation with the enemy commanders. In this bid for power, you will have to coerce the local armies into helping you, carefully chose which territory to capture and straighten, and which to let go depending on the tide of battle.


  • Vast, realistic 3D terrains for a deep, one of a kind gaming experience.
  • Manage your resources, explore the map and expand your territories in ‘Campain Mode’. Engage enemy fleets in fast paced ‘Battleships’ tactical minigames.
  • Simple and easy to learn game rules, but deep game mechanics for advanced strategic gameplay.
  • The extended Quest & Badge system will give you nice rewards and unlock special ship blueprints.
  • Secret locations and random events will make your exploration efforts worthwhile!
  • In Game Economy: buying and selling prices varies based on supply and demand mechanisms.
  • Full Scale AI: The enemy constantly adapts its strategy, and learn from its mistakes.
  • Create your own maps with the Map Editor

This game uses its own custom 3D Engine : M3DEngine


PC requirements:
  • OS: WindowsXP+
  • Processor: 1.0 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM

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