Chemistris Is 2nd Game Of Gamearning Studio.

Please give us a second the explain studio’s name. It is not irrelevant.

gamearning = Game + Learning.

We trust game and learning are philosophically isomorphic. We are going to achieve it by reconstruct knowledge.

Chemistris Is another Practice.

Chemistris is a tetris-like game based on chemistry equations with the following feature:

  • A hardcore elimination algorithm allow you to eliminate the entire screen when planned well ( also may drive you crazy when unlucky )

  • A non-linear level-select system based on the Periodic Table of Elements ( also may drive you crazy when stuck )

  • A partly hidden equipment system to give you some surprise when unlock ( also may drive you crazy when you eager to get something )

And more ( or less ) ……

Just remember the goal is to carefully arrange reactants and reaction conditions to generate specific products.

One more thing, if you are an artist and find the uncharacteristic art of the Chemistris is not worthy of the idea and wanna to give developer some color to see see, feel free to contact. The developer is eager to improve the arts ( but just beyond his ability )


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP

MAC requirements:
  • OS: MacOS 10.4 Tiger

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