Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis

Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis

Update Notes

This product will be deprecated in the near future; its content has been moved into the "Choice of the Vampire" game.

If you have purchased this product, your Steam account should have automatically received access to the "Fall of Memphis" DLC inside the "Choice of the Vampire" game.

You should not play this product.

About the Game


This game/app exists for historical purposes to help with transfers.

If you’ve already purchased this game, you should already have access to the Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis DLC in your library.

To play this content, open the main Choice of the Vampire and, once you’ve played through The Siege of Vicksburg, you will continue to Memphis.


Feast on the blood of a dying city: Memphis, 1873! Make your national debut in the Society, a conspiracy of vampires who convene in Memphis to elect a new "senator." The city burns with yellow fever, as the nascent Ku Klux Klan rises.

Choice of the Vampire: The Fall of Memphis is the 300,000 word sequel to Choice of the Vampire, the epic interactive novel by Jason Stevan Hill where your choices determine how the story proceeds. The game is entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–but driven by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

What will you take from Memphis before the city collapses? Will you battle the Klan, or control them from within? Will you rekindle a romance that transcends death? The choice is yours.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7

MAC requirements:
  • OS: 10.9

Linux requirements:
  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04

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