City Air Battle

City Air Battle

City Air Battle is a flight shooting game with simple operation and innovative gameplay modes. In the game, you will enjoy flying fighters between skyscrapers in the city, and use a variety of weapons such as missiles, machine guns and rocket launchers to destroy the enemy aircraft invading the city, which offers you the unprecedentedly amazing experience of air battle.

The game not only involves you in fierce fights with enemy aircraft over the city, but also allows you to pilot the aircraft back and forth between the high buildings in the city to experience the immersive 360 degree free flight and enjoy the pleasure of flying in the city sky.

The game is very easy to operate, and starters can quickly get the hang of it. You can use the keyboard with up to 7 keys(up/down/left/right/V/C/space) and the gamepad with up to 4 keys(Joystick/X/A/RB) to clear the game. Some levels can even be cleared using just the direction keys or the joystick with one hand. Whether using the keyboard or the joystick, you will always enjoy a good sense of touch and control in the game, which can make it easier for you to fly the fighters and perform your air battle tasks.

In the game, players can control eight different fighters, with three of them available by default and the rest five to be unlocked after obtaining points in the game. Each fighter has different control, shooting and defense capabilities, and the player can unlock the most suitable fighter to fight a certain level.

There are more than 60 kinds of enemy planes in the game, including fighter planes, armed helicopters, large transport planes and bombers, etc, all of which feature realistic models of classic aircraft and are 100% restored to reality.

The game contains a total of 7 cities, all of which are made according to the big cities in real world. All the buildings and streets are identical to those in the real cities, which can restore the original appearance of the cities to the greatest extent.

There are 20 levels and 5 modes in the game. Each level is in a different city and uses a new game mode, which can guide players to accept different challenges and make them try to overcome difficulties and surpass themselves. Each level has a score ranking, allowing players to compete with netizens all over the world, encouraging players to constantly break through the limit of scores to top the global ranking.

Realistic 3D city scenes, simple and easy-to-use control system, impactful and exciting fighting scenes, strong sense of strike and speed, all will bring you a unique game experience!

Major modes of the game:

Collision mode
Maneuver the aircraft to crash the enemy aircraft at high speed while avoiding buildings at the same time. The shorter the time, the higher the score. It can challenge your flight skills, and also let you experience the pleasure of flying at high speed between skyscrapers. Switching to the cockpit perspective will bring you a different exciting feeling.

Fight mode
Flexibly control the flight direction of fighters and the angle of weapon launch, and use missiles, machine guns and other attack means to destroy the enemy aircraft shuttling between cities, and destroy the high-value targets of the enemy (large transport aircraft, bombers, early warning aircraft, etc.) will double the scores. Players need to fly a plane among high-rise buildings to avoid the enemy’s machine gun attack, and use smart turns to avoid missiles. The battles in the game are extremely fierce and the scenes are vey astonishing, allowing you to fully experience the unique and shocking city air battles.

Rocket mode
Use powerful rockets to destroy all enemy planes, and a few rockets can blow the enemy planes into pieces. In this mode, players can use unlimited rockets to bombard enemy planes. The more enemies destroyed in the specified time, the higher the score. The strike of the game is super strong, and the hot and exciting scene will make you extremely cool.

Cannon mode
Fire cannonball at the enemy planes. Each cannonball will destroy one enemy plane. Players must predict the flight route of the enemy plane, lock the target and shoot accurately. Only in this way can they give the enemy a fatal blow. The higher the hit rate is, the higher the score will be. It is a great test of players’ flying and shooting skills.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows7
  • Processor: 2.00 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

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