Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow

Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow

Punch out Fascists and unravel conspiracies in this explosive pulp adventure set in a wild 1930s world of airships, fast cars and two-fisted action!

Cliffhanger! is a 320,000-word interactive novel by William Brown. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. It is set in a fantastic Art Deco version of the 1930s in which an amazing scientific discovery has changed history and unleashed humanity’s wildest dreams and most dreadful nightmares! Airships criss-cross the skies, masked daredevils clash with sinister masterminds, and every day brings something new and extraordinary. You are Challenger of the Tomorrow Institute and you stand among the foremost adventurers of this era, whether your reputation is based on your amazing gadgets and inventions, your mystic powers, or your sheer grit and daring.

  • Earn a fortune for yourself by building up a trading empire across the world, by taking priceless artefacts from ancient ruins, or by pulling off daring high-stakes heists at glittering casinos and high-security banks!
  • Fight for freedom by smuggling guns to anti-colonial revolutionaries, riding with partisans, crushing fascists in Europe, and uncovering Nazi fifth columnists in the United States!
  • Test your skills and your nerve by hunting the biggest game of all: gigantic monsters ranging from kaiju off the coast of Japan to the dreaded T-Rex itself!
  • Find friendship, love, rivalry, and enmity among a colourful cast of stalwart heroes, brooding warrior princes, shy scholars, charming rogues, ruthless gangsters, enigmatic spies, inscrutable mystics, fast-talking reporters, and brilliant scientists!
  • Protect the Earth from interstellar and extradimensional invaders!
  • Advance the cause of science and usher in tomorrow or dig deep into the strange occult history of the Earth and its lost civilizations!
  • Form a society of science heroes and masked adventurers to defend the world – or to conquer it!
  • Sip cocktails, dance and intrigue with the wealthiest of the wealthy in exquisite ballrooms and on the decks of yachts… or knock back fuel alcohol with thieves and gangsters in smoky cellar dives with sawdust on the floor!
  • Travel across the huge, gloriously strange Cliffhanger world, from the sky-high speakeasies of New York City to the whispering bamboo groves of Taiwan, from the dark streets of Fascist London to the raucous nightclubs and casinos of the Shanghai Bund!
  • Play guitar with Django Reinhardt and Duke Ellington, party with Texas Guinan and the Aga Khan, drink whiskey with Al Capone, swap ideas with Hedy Lamarr, and shoot Hitler in the face!
  • Visit the melting spires of Barcelona, swirling center of International Anarchy, or marvel at the Futurist monoliths of the Città Nuova!
  • Drink pink champagne with gangsters, heiresses, and playboys at the Hotel Cathay or prospect for gold on the Yukon Peninsula!
  • Hang-glide on thermal drafts over the Valley of Assassins and fight your way through the dungeons and lofty eyries of perilous Alamut!
  • Conquer the Mansions of the Moon, the last great stronghold of a decadent empire, or attain enlightenment amongst the snowy peaks and ageless monasteries of Shangri-La!
  • Meet and join forces with countless alternative reality versions of yourself to become an unstoppable force of nature!
  • Gain lifetimes of experience and knowledge over the course of a single night with the aid of the remarkable hypnobioscope!
  • Smash the Syndicate, the world’s greatest criminal conspiracy… or seize control of it for yourself!
  • Race in the Grand Prix, climb the Empire State Building, and escape from Devil’s Island!
  • Build a network of spies, contacts, and allies across the world!
  • Fortify, customize, and garrison your own secret Arctic stronghold!
  • Blaze across the skies on a jetpack of your own invention, learn the secrets of invisibility and mind-reading, or swing from building to building using the incredible slingshot grappling hook!
  • Preside over Shanghai’s finest nightclub, where the jazz is as hot as the champagne is ice-cold, or establish a ramshackle hide-out amongst the sprawling slums of Cairo!
  • Fly experimental turbojet aircraft through storms and machine gun fire and drive impossibly fast cars in high-speed pursuits across winding clifftop trails!
  • Risk your sanity to gain access to the skills and knowledge of alternative incarnations in the forbidden Garden of Forking Paths!
  • Outwit, outgun, or outtalk your enemies: the choice is yours!
  • Battle the Nemesis, your sinister archenemy, across, above, below, and beyond the world!

Adventure Has A Name… and It’s Cliffhanger!


PC requirements:
  • OS: 7

MAC requirements:
  • OS: 10.9

Linux requirements:
  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04

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