Cursed Sight – Original Soundtrack

Cursed Sight – Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Cursed Sight, a visual novel about our struggle against fate. After purchasing and downloading the soundtrack, players will be able to listen to the tracks using Steam’s music player.

Composer: Efe Tozan

Tracks list:
1. Cursed Sight
2. Menu theme
3. East Taria
4. Treasure of the East
5. Treasure of the East (piano)
6. The Bellstress
7. The Bellstress (piano)
8. Fooling around
9. East Tarian King
10. Bliss
11. Bliss (piano)
12. The unknown
13. The unknown (piano)
14. Burden
15. Burden (piano)
16. West Taria
17. Treasure of the West
18. Stakes
19. Warrior soul
20. Miracle


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