Dark Gnome

Dark Gnome

Dark Gnome

Dark Gnome – Round-Based Pixel Game Fun

Your little horde of dwarves is ready to lay into the neighboring tribes. The rats stealing the cook’s prize cook pot was the last straw – now they’re out for revenge… and a delicious rat-tail stew! But the dwarves need some leadership – are you up to it?

In this pixel game, you’ll accompany your mob of dwarves on a host of missions. Sometimes just to collect wood, berries, or other resources; at other times you’ll prove your derring-do on dangerous rescue missions to bolster your troops.

Dark Gnome

A Retro RPG with a Heaping Portion of Black Humor

Dark Gnome is a mix of round-based strategy and roleplaying genres. Charming retro 2D graphics bring back the good ‘ole days of turn-based battle games. Captivating PvE battles provide non-stop suspense, but if that isn’t enough spine-tingling action for you, you can also face off against your fellow players in PvP mode.

You’ll be surprised by what this quirky RPG has to offer. The artisan quarter is a humorous microcosm populated by four offbeat characters.

1. The doctor heals wounded dwarves.
2. The cook provides rations and healing potions.
3. The blacksmith crafts weapon and armor.
4. The trainer teaches the dwarves special attacks.

Armed with hilarious animations and backstories, the colorful cast of characters will leave you in stitches.

Dark Gnome

Scoundrels and Thugs Versus Rats and Bandits

Each character comes with a set of skills vital to a proper retro RPG: Rogues can disarm traps, thugs dish out daunting doses of damage, and medics tend to fresh wounds right on the battlefield!

That means you’ll need to take care to assemble the right squad for the job. Ravenous rodents, cohorts of cats and packs of rabid dogs will push your dwarves to their limits!

Dark Gnome

Craft First, Beer Later

When you’re not busy going on daring rescue missions or stomping bosses’ faces into the dirt, you can turn your attention to mining the riches in your local mine. The deeper you dig, the more rock and coal you’ll have for your projects.

The blacksmith will gladly use the materials to make weapons and armor to protect your fighters and allow them to take on more fearsome foes.

And after a long day of adventuring, you can stop by the pixel game’s virtual tavern, where you’ll meet other players and can buy them a round of drinks – an arrangement everyone profits from!

Help your dwarves on their revenge campaign – play Dark Gnome now!

Note: Dark Gnome can only be played online. Existing browser game accounts cannot be linked to Steam.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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