Destiny’s Divide

Destiny’s Divide

Free PvP Fantasy Card Game that assigns real world value to in-game cards. But are you good enough to unlock them? Play as one of 11 heroes with no card restrictions and heavily reduced deck RNG. Conquer balanced competitive game modes and receive one of a kind unique cards you can trade or sell.

Gameplay is where Destiny’s Divide really excels. With new and interesting mechanics such as the SharedBoard, Heroic being and others, it brings new and unique strategies to the CCG genre.

The game includes four game modes, a casual game mode, a ranked game mode, brawl mode and hardcore mode. The game focuses on competition and it heavily rewards ranked play. But you can still play it casually!

By reaching the highest ranks you can even unlock new and unique visuals for cards that only you will possess. These are the so called "unique cards" that will be minted as NFT tokens in the blockchain, and you can sell them for real world money (Don’t worry we will create a wallet for you if you don’t have it). So not only is the game free but you can earn money by playing. All unique rewards will be cosmetic so that the competitive balance and integrity of the game can stay intact. The better you are the higher rarity unique you can obtain.

Destiny’s Divide
Destiny’s Divide


Heroic Being

Heroic being is a card that is introduced to give all decks consistency. You can choose 1 card from your deck that you can play at any time. By revealing this card in the "Heroic Being" place on the board we increase the consistency but give your opponent options for counterplay.

Destiny’s Divide

Consistency is the name of the game in Destiny’s Divide, while all games and game modes feel unique and satisfying, we still want your deck to do what you built it for, heroic being is an example of how we are achieving this and together with receiving a constant 1 energy per turn and adding specific cards to the SharedBoard, you will be able to play your deck the way you built it.


SharedBoard is a two sided sword, it brings consistency but it also brings chaos. When building a deck each player appoints 3 cards to the shared board. 4 of the 6 cards(2 are banned) will then be put into the SharedBoard and revealed to both players. Both players can play the cards at any time during the game.
This means you can play your opponent’s cards and they can play yours. Choose carefully on what you are willing to give!

You can read more about it in our Feature on the website

Destiny’s Divide

– Transcendent abilities and avoiding pay to win.

Transcendent abilities: These are card abilities that can appear on any card of Legendary or Transcendent rarity; either being, aura or spell. They are marked with red colour on the cards. They are extremely powerful, such as “Refresh” that enables your hero ability(can only be used once per game otherwise) to be used again. Transcendent cards have 2 of these abilities that are selected at random. There are a total of 7 transcendent abilities, which makes a lot of different combinations of the same card. Due to this, it is extremely impractical to try and get specific cards from buying packs, as the transcendent cards themselves are already extremely rare.

Destiny’s Divide

The best way to obtain these specific transcendent cards is by earning Crystals that can then be exchanged for a specific variation you want. You can not buy these crystals with real money, the only way to earn them is by playing any of the 4 game modes.

The 3 game modes that offer ranked are the best for obtaining crystals. So the most optimal way of obtaining the high-end cards is by playing, instead of buying. This means the best, not the richest players will have strongest decks.

Depth: What you can expect from us is deep deckbuilding possibilities, no overpowered cards. No pay to win. All around balance. No overcomplication of game mechanics. Our focus is on the competitive aspect with 3 ranked ladders in all 3 main game modes.

Game modes:


– Normal

You can play versus random people and test your decks, or just play whenever you don’t want the pressure of a ranked game. This is our casual mode; due to its nature it will yield the least rewards for players.

Ranked Game Modes:

– Constructed

Here you will play versus opponents of your skill level. You will then be ranked on the ladder and try to climb ranks with the ELO ranking system. At the end of each month, you will receive rewards based on the amount of games you played and your current rank.

– Brawl (entrance fee – can also be paid with in game currency)

In this game mode you will be able to select from all available cards even if you don’t own them. You will receive selections of 4 cards 45 times in a row and build your deck. Then you will be matched against players with the same amount of wins as you.

The more wins you get the better the rewards will be. As soon as you lose your 3rd game, the brawl will end. If you can manage to win 15 times before losing 3 times (winning the brawl), you will receive the best rewards and be automatically entered into the ladder.
The ladder will rank players based on how many times you managed to win the brawl.

There are some unique features in the brawl such as rerolling your given choices, to better tailor your decks.

– Hardcore (entrance fee – can also be paid with in game currency)

In this game mode you will play with your constructed decks, all cards are allowed and there are not any other restrictions to what cards you can use apart from standard rules of the game. Once you enter the game mode and select your deck (which will lock the cards until you complete the game mode), you play until you lose. You will be playing versus progressively harder opponents (with the same wins as you). You can also at any time after a match choose to end the run and unlock your deck again.

The main feature of the hardcore mode is that when you win you get 3 of your opponent’s cards permanently and they lose those same cards permanently.
However if you lose the exact opposite happens and 3 of your cards are transferred to your opponent permanently.

The more you win the better cards you win/lose. For example If you have 0 wins and you win/lose, you will only gain/drop common cards, if you have 6 wins and you win/lose, you will gain/drop Heroic cards. Each game after 10 wins you will drop/gain at least one transcendent card(if it is present in both decks).
You can only win or lose cards of a quality that is present in your deck. For example, if you create a deck of only common cards, you reach a 10 win streak, you play versus a player who has 2 transcendent cards in his deck and win, you will still only receive common cards from them as you can’t win cards of a higher quality that exist in your deck.

The same goes for losing, if you lose versus a “common” deck, you will only lose common cards regardless of you win streak.
This game mode will bring a interesting dynamic to the game, will you play your best cards, increase your chances of success but risk losing them, or will you use common cards, lower your chances and try to hunt the win streak rewards?

As other two game modes (Constructed Ranked and Brawl) so will the hardcore ranked game mode receive rewards at the end of the ranked season, the rewards will include normal packs, special packs, titles, card crafting currency and other goodies all specific for their respective game mode. The end of the season rewards will also include better rewards such as unique packs. (also specific to the game mode – eg. all hardcore top players will receive a separate unique transcendent card(brawl and constructed ranked top 10 will receive another unique) only for top 10 hardcore players), while lower ranks will receive either legendary, heroic or epic unique.

Unique cards:

What are unique cards?
They are versions of already existing cards that have cooler visuals, such as different ui, effects and art. They do NOT have modified stats or abilities.

Unique cards bring some other benefits apart from the visuals to the player, so you might not want to sell them just yet!

Unique cards are minted as NFT(Non-Fungible-Token) and infused with Enjin coin. This gives them real world value and most importantly it means they can be traded or sold on the marketplace.

If you own one unique card you are allowed to use that same card in the maximum allowed amount of copies in the deck. So you can play 2/3 copies of it in the deck even though you only own one.

Possibly the greatest benefit of a unique card, if you can obtain one of transcendent or legendary quality is that you instantly own all variations of that card in its unique version. Since transcendent cards can exist in 15 or so variations due to transcendent abilities, this means one unique transcendent card is basically 15 cards put together as you can choose which variation you want to put in your deck.

Due to extremely high reward this brings to players, these cards will be proportionally difficult to obtain. The only guaranteed way of obtaining one is to be in the top 10 ranked player in any ranked mode at the end of the season(each ranked mode will have its own unique card). So some unique cards will only exist in 10 copies, that will never be made again.

Other ranked players will obtain lower rarity uniques proportional to their rank from their ranked reward packs.

Note: we will never make a unique card that will provide an in-game advantage, over a normal card of the same variation.

Example: Standard Thor card(left) Unique Thor card(right).

Destiny’s Divide

30 cards will be distributed among ranked players and the last 10 will be randomly inserted into standard packs for anyone to open.


PC requirements:
  • OS: 7/8/8.1/10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Processor: Intel Core i3 6100 | AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon R7 265
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 4 GB available space

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