Devastation – Annihilate the Alien Race

Devastation – Annihilate the Alien Race

Devastation – Annihilate the Alien Race, is a 2D dual stick shoot em’ up bullet chaos arcade style type game.

Rip and tear through hordes of alien ships with nukes, upgrades and power ups to wipe out everything in your path.
Show them what one single ship can do, Annihilate bosses at the end of each level and build your score competitively or team up locally up to 4 players.

3 different score competitive modes!

  • Normal – A basic mode for players with gunship starting with full shield (2 hit damage) and max bomb output
  • Hardcore – A mode for hardcore players, shields are corrupt (1 hit damage).
  • Survival – A timed mode for speed runners (ship core blows up if timer reaches 0)

4 different game types!

  • Normal – Start with 3 lives, 3 bombs and no upgrades (lost on death).
  • Life-less – Start with only 1 life, 3 bombs (lives cannot be acquired), no upgrades (lost on death).
  • Bomb-less – Start with 3 lives, no bombs (bombs cannot be acquired), no upgrades (lost on death).
  • Max Weapons – Start with 3 lives, 3 bombs, upgrades maxed out (upgrades are never lost).

4 different difficulty styles!

  • Starter – Easiest mode for beginners, fewest enemies, enemies have 1x health, bullet heaven, power ups spawn very frequently.
  • Regular – Normal mode for balanced players, basic waves of enemies, enemies have 2x health, bullet mess, power ups spawn frequently.
  • Professional- Hard mode for competitive players, more enemies, enemies have 3x health, bullet chaos, power ups spawn less frequently.
  • Insanity- Very hard mode for skilled players, crazy amount of enemies, enemies have 4x health, bullet hell, power ups spawn rarely.

-Story Line-
Year 1988, We were attacked by an unknown spectral phenomena. We would hear noises, abrupt, terrifying, it got louder as it got closer. It would attack us from the sky. You could only see a faint black ship or a white light and once you heard the sound or seen a glimpse, it was over in seconds.

Years went by, they picked us off one by one every night. Some of us fought back when the ship got close enough but we were unaware what power they control. They could shape shift, they can control the weather, they we cloaked during the day, hid in the shadows and they attacked in twos.

We developed a team of combat fighters that were skilled killers. We called ourselves the “Hunters”. Through the knowledge that we had gathered we designed a ship called the “Horus”. To ancient Egypt, Horus was originally the Sky God, but he is also known as War God, Hunter’s God, God of Kingship and others. We thought it was the perfect name.

The four of us casted into space and tracked down an open portal that took us into unknown travel.
We obliterated dozens upon dozens of these things to no end. Encountering leaders of their developed clans and almost met our destruction many times.

The “Alien Ships” carried unknown technology that our ships could use against them, we became powerful. The alien race fought endlessly in their desperation to survive, we had battled to their extinction.

The war was over, we could finally rest again.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 780
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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