Devil Engine Original Soundtrack

Devil Engine Original Soundtrack

The official soundtrack of Devil Engine. Composed by Joseph Bailey, with guest composers Hyakutaro Tsukumo and Mason Lieberman.

Includes all 20 songs from the game, plus 3 never before heard bonus songs. Available in MP3 and FLAC files.

To access the music, navigate to the game’s installation folder (Usually C:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonDevil Engine) and look for the Devil Engine Original Soundtrack folder.

Track list:
01. Re-Boot (OP DEMO)
02. Iron Attack (STAGE 1)
03. Cornered! (BOSS 1)
04 Jazzy NNYC (STAGE 2)
05. Scorched Earth Tactics (BOSS 2)
06. Crafted Beasts (STAGE 3)
07. At Thunder’s Gate (BOSS 3)
08. Low Altitude (STAGE 4)
09. Celestial Avatar (BOSS 4)
10. Distant Call (STAGE 5)
11. A Grueling Conflict (BOSS 5)
12. Ascent (STAGE FINAL)
13. Immortal Abstract (BOSS FINAL)
14. Final Sacrifice (ENDING 1)
15. Tempered Cruelty (ENDING 2)
16. Misotheism (ENDING 3)
17. Contrails (CREDITS)
18. Challenge Mode (CHALLENGE)
19. Over-Take (STAGE EX)
20. Metal Ogre (BOSS EX)
21. Cosmo Babylon (OMAKE)
23. コモドールは十字架に磔られました (OMAKE)


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