Divergence: Online

Divergence: Online

It’s the year 2330, Earth Standard Date.

If you’re a Terran Human, Synthetic, Veli Vindicator, or Lokri, you’re a momentary survivor of a massive crash-landing event wherein your capitalship was inexplicably and violently ripped from its orbit down to the surface of this alien moon.

You don’t know why. Nobody knows why at this moment, but you suspect your enemies, one of the other factions your ship was locked in a Mexican standoff with only hours before, had something to do with it.

Somehow, you were pulled down to this alien, yet familiar planetoid, orbiting a super-earth.

Chaos. Bodies burning. Conduits belching violent current into twisted forms of broken super-structure, as your fellow shipmates desperately labor under yawning bulkheads to free trapped humans, aliens, and machines.

And all the while, the endless chattering in the dark just beyond the threshold of your perception.

Eyes, watching you. Two. Ten. A hundred. A thousand. My God, my science, they’re everywhere! It’s an attack!!!

The native creatures. Other survivors from the other ships. They’re all equally dangerous; Your only hope being the frantic and desperate repair and re-establishment of make-shift cloning facilities at your base-camp immediately adjacent the smoldering ruin of your once pristine starship; Now buried face-first in a landscape hideously scarred by your arrival.

You Must Survive

Find your friends. Know where your enemies are. Venture out to establish outposts of your own but not too far, lest you be fell upon by the world’s native inhabitants, agents of enemy factions, mercenaries, assassins, bandits, or even the conditions of the environment itself.

Superior Resource Surveying and Harvesting

Resource locations, concentrations, and individuals stats appear and disappear as they’re used up all over the world’s surface. Some will last mere hours, some, potentially months, so use your surveying tools to find the best resource locations and stake your claim before other players do!

Divergence: Online

Once you’ve found those high-quality resources, construct automated harvesting rigs to target and extract those materials from the world in realtime whether you’re online or offline.

Superior Crafting :// Become An Industry Master

Every item from your pants to your nightlight relies on stats directly determined by the stats of the raw materials and components you fed into it during crafting.

Increase the strength of walls by using specialized low-grade ore with a high "unit toughness" rating, or increase the speed and energy-efficiency of your resource harvesters by creating their circuitry using rare high "conductivity" copper. Or perhaps decrease the weight while increasing heat dissipation of your firearms by crafting the barrels out of alloys, then use a personal factory to mass-produce and sell them on the open market!

Divergence: Online

Completely Unique Playable Species’

In Divergence, you can choose to play one of several breeds of human’s, aliens, or even completely synthetic lifeforms which can transfer their consciousness into other forms at will. Everything from the size of a human, to enormous mechanized killing machines.
Divergence: Online
Divergence: Online

Combative and Non-Combative Progression

Through careful choosing of your professions, players in Divergence can change careers as often as they like, or stick with the same profession for years on end.

Choose from any combination of combat-derived professions, such as Bounty-Hunting, Teras Kasi, Rifleman, or totally non-combative professions such as Dancing, Engineering, Narcotics, Tailoring, or many, many more.

Divergence: Online

Humanized Hack Prevention

No anti-hacking sollution is 100% unbeatable, that’s why in Divergence, in addition to traditional anti-hacking countermeasures, Divergence also maintains a GM presence in-game virtually all-times throughout the day, operating in shifts. A human GM knows when they see someone walking through walls or landing every single shot of a full-auto burst as a headshot. If you see someone flying through the air, or shooting people with shotguns from a mile away, call that @#%& out and we’ll be right on it. Divergence has a zero-tolerate approach to hacking our game – If you’re caught just once, both your account and key and blacked out immediately and your possessions are distributed freely among the denizens of our game world.

True Twitch Combat

Combat in Divergence happens in realtime. No faked particle systems. No cleverly disguised target-to-target going on here; Where you aim and squeeze that trigger is where you fire or swing your weapon, for better or for worse.
Divergence: Online
Divergence: Online

True Exploration :// True Discovery

There is (without cartography) no minimap, nor world map in Divergence. You arrive on one huge 262sqkm central continent which is also surrounded on all sides by numerous additional islands and continents ranging in size from 1sqkm to over 300sqkm, many of which containing just under their surface vast quantities of undiscovered resources and wealth, just awaiting the first player explorers to discover them.

Divergence: Online

Divergence IS SWG v2.0

  • Complete recreation of SWGs Pre-CU professions system, including both the original 40+ SWG Professions and brand new professions such as Psychic, Hacker, and Operator.
  • Complete recreation of SWGs original and legendary crafting system, modernized and streamlined for maximum creativity without over-complication.
  • Tons of your favorite houses, structures, components and items completely recreated with up with a 1,000% increase in texture detail, with hundreds of additional items planned for recreation as well!
  • Complete overhaul and vast improvement to SWGs famed player housing and player cities features! Don’t just drop a house, but truly manage it and your city’s electrical power systems all from the comfort of your mayor’s office!
  • Vast character customizability faithful yet vastly superior to SWGs original systems.
  • Total upgrade to SWGs original surveying and harvesting systems!
  • Massive upgrade from using only pre-made houses to now design your entire home(s) from scratch!

And So Much More…

  • One single contiguous server. Everyone on Earth who plays Divergence shares the same world and is apart of the same community.
  • A huge 250km2 game world, streamed to you in real-time, eliminating zones.
  • Up to 6km view range on max graphical settings.
  • Several biomes, including but not limited to temperate forest, arid desert, high desert, rain forest, barren steppes, open meadows, polar tundra, and alien environments as well.
  • Up to eight playable species (13 if you count the 5 breeds of humans) many with vastly different playstyles and capabilities.
  • Open PVP everywhere, no exceptions.
  • Over forty career paths able to be mixed and matched into thousands of possible combinations.
  • High-resolution (4x higher resolution than Minecraft) building-blocks system for sculpting homes, structures, and facilities.

To Be Civilized, Or To Be Civilized Not

It’s up to the players to determine whether they will share resources willingly, or brutalize one another to further their own goals.
Perhaps your faction, or your group within that faction, will establish a safe-haven of trade between factions governed by civic law and order. Or, perhaps you and your friends are assholes and will scour the wastelands, deserts, jungles, and forests accosting merchant caravans to liberate them of their own supplies and liqueur.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: AMD or Intel
  • Memory: 8000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 Compliant Graphics Card
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: None
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: AMD or Intel
  • Memory: 16000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 Compliant Graphics Card
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 3000 MB available space
  • Sound Card: None

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