Dungeon Defenders: The Great Turkey Hunt! Mission & Costumes

Dungeon Defenders: The Great Turkey Hunt! Mission & Costumes

Update Notes

New for 2012:

The Turkeys have invaded Karathiki! Rid the ancient ruins of this infestation, but beware the ferocious forces arrayed to oppose your Turkey-annihilating mission! Supports up to 6 Players.

  • New Mission: The Greater Turkey Hunt!
  • New Holiday Themed Accessories & Crystal Core
  • New Achievements

About the Game

Celebrate your Thanksgiving in Etheria with ‘The Great Turkey Hunt!’ event on TrendyNet!

Hunt humongous herds of turkeys for their delicious Thanksgiving meat… but watch out! There are dangerous Dark Elf Warriors who will stop at nothing to protect the turkeys from harm and lurking in the shadows, the gigantic Boss “Mega Turkey” will prove an incredible test for even the mightiest group of Heroes!

If you prove victorious, you’ll unlock a brand new set of holiday Costumes for your Heroes. So Give Thanks and GET THOSE TURKEYS!

The Great Turkey Hunt DLC Includes:

  • The Great Turkey Hunt Challenge Mission
  • Mega Turkey Boss
  • 4 Unlockable Character Skins
    • Apprentice – Pilgrim
    • Squire – Turkey Outfit
    • Huntress – Native Princess
    • Monk – Conquistador


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