Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden

Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden

Before you buy, a little warning – this game was made in a self-imposed challenge to create a commercially viable game in only 30 days.
The goal was still to make a fun game in the end, with polished gameplay, but – you know – still expect some jank and not a TON of playtime!
Eversleep? More like Nosleepforthedeveloper, am I right, hahaha (help).

But what is Eversleep?

Now that’s a good question! Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden is a 3D Platformer created with simple but fun gameplay and a cute PS1/SEGA Saturn inspired artstyle in mind. Take the role of Hana the Tanuki and jump and fight through her dreams! What secrets await her on the moon – her final destination?
Eversleep features a retro look heavily inspired by early 90s 3D graphics with bouncy enemies and a fluffy heroine.

How Eversleep came to life

Good. So you’ve made it this far in the text. We did not lose you, thank you!
Eversleep: Lunistice Gaiden was developed within 30 days as a challenge for A Grumpy Fox. For transparency’s sake: he is also working for the publisher of the game, Deck13.
Together we had this idea to provide as much data about the game’s development and release as possible: to support upcoming game developers and give interested players an insight about the development and marketing process. That means we are releasing sales numbers, discount strategies and valuable development and marketing info via Twitter and Medium. If you would like to support this approach and experiment, feel free to buy the game. And if you dislike it, feel free to make use of the refund-system Steam offers. Every data helps making the process more transparent.


  • It’s really affordable!
  • Experience 5 different dreams!
  • Test your skills in the included Speedrun Mode
  • …and enjoy the good vibes and retro A E S T H E T I C S


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7 might run it
  • Processor: Yes.
  • Memory: 8999 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D.
  • Sound Card: Preferably with speakers attached.
  • OS: Windows 10 will definitely run it
  • Processor: Yes. But faster.
  • Memory: 9001 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Still 3D. But also some 2D graphics probably I dunno
  • Sound Card: Don't most people use sound chips? 🤔

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