Garenburg Woods

Garenburg Woods

Garenburg Woods is a happy RPG game made in RPG Maker 2000 by Merso Aweheo.

Welcome to Garenburg Woods!

Egly is going on a trip with his friends, Elfy, Carib, Yhien, and Malik. The friends are heading over to the Garenburg Cliffs, a wonderful place that is said to have a beautiful sight. Everybody is sure to have a great time…


  • An original soundtrack By Merso Aweheo
  • A story filled with lore and secrets
  • Over 10 different bosses to fight
  • Three main ending routes
  • RISK Mode: limited saves, harder boss fights, more secrets, and risky items only that will decrease stats or improve your strength
  • Happy Mode: extremely overpowered and for those who want to play purely for plot
  • Plenty of secrets
  • Stay on trail
  • Consequences for your actions
  • Dolls and puppets
  • Numerous party members with unique abilities to populate your team
  • Achievements, however due to RPG Maker 2000 limits they are part of your save file
  • Multiple different styles of textbox UIs that can be chosen

Average Playthrough Length

  • Ignoring things and just trying to get by as quickly as possible – 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Exploring and finding around half of the content – 1-3 hours
  • Getting the true ending and main content events 2-5 hours
  • Happy Mode, any ending: 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • RISK Mode, true ending: 2-6 hours

Be happy.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Memory: 500 MB RAM
  • Additional Notes: If it can run RPG Maker 2000/2003 games, it can run this. Mac, Android and Linux can run this with Easy RPG Player.

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