Hamster Scramble Demo

Hamster Scramble Demo

Hamster Scramble Demo
Help twins Kaden and Quinn rescue their hamster friends in this wholesome puzzle adventure. Enjoy a cast of colourful characters, mess with your friends in competitive mode and have hours of fun with delightful platform hopping, bubble popping action!

Hamster Scramble takes the versus puzzle game genre to the next level. A fusion between the puzzle and platformer genres, Hamster Scramble gives players the ability to swap into their opponents area to attack their puzzle board directly!

Hamster Scramble Demo

Hamster Scramble Demo

A Wholesome Hamster Adventure

  • Follow Kaden & Quinn on their journey to rescue the kidnapped hamsters in a Saturday-Morning cartoon inspired story!
  • Watch the hamster village grow and evolve as hamsters return.
  • Overcome 60+ levels of unique platforming and matching gameplay either solo or coop!

A Fusion of Familiarity

  • Puzzle and platforming meet to create a brand new style of versus game!
  • Chase down colored hamsters as they run about the stage, catch them, then throw them at the board to make matches!
  • Play on 8 unique stages, each with different themes, layouts and hazards.

Swapping, a new level of interactivity

  • The Swap ability introduces a level of interactivity never before seen in the versus puzzle genre!
  • By swapping, players can invade their opponents space to interfere with them directly!
  • Steal hamsters you need, throw unhelpful balls at their board, attack them to slow them down!

Hamster Scramble Demo

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Hamster Scramble Demo


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