Hour Night

Hour Night

When the hour strikes twelve you won’t know who you can trust. Can you survive the night?

A ritual has gone awry and you and your fellow villagers need to survive the night. But one of you isn’t who they seem. You are being stalked by a being of hate and darkness. Can you collect the items required to banish the demon back to its realm? Or will the hidden monster consume it’s prey? Only fate can tell.

Hour Night is a multiplayer deception game where one player is a monster disguised as another player who transforms every set amount of time. You and your allies must gather the requited items (Holy water, and sword) and combine them to create a weapon that can slay the monster. Be warned you can only banish the monster in its villager form. Beware as well for the monster can lay traps to scare and paralyze it’s prey. Can you communicate with your allies to survive the night? With only two points on the map to send messages to everyone in the game, make them count because once the message is sent the monster will see it as well.


PC requirements:
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection

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