KARDS – Starter Pack

KARDS – Starter Pack

The Starter Pack contains everything you need to start building your own collection!

Create specialized decks to compete against other players, test your skill in drafting for great rewards and fun, and enjoy the unique Steam card back while battling your enemy.

Full content of the Starter Pack:

  • 2 Base Packs, containing 5 cards each from the base set
  • 2 Allegiance Packs, containing 5 cards each from the Allegiance Expansion
  • 2 Draft tickets, allowing you to compete in draft mode and earn rewards
  • 5 Standard Wildcards
  • 2 Limited Wildcards
  • A special Steam Cardback

2 Base Packs and 2 Allegiance Packs

Each pack includes 5 cards and guarantees 1 limited or better, allowing you to start upgrading and improving your starter decks. 2 packs are from the base set that contains cards from the five major factions and 2 packs are from the Allegiance expansion that contains cards from the five major nations as well as introduced Italy and France as new allies.

2 Draft Tickets

2 draft tickets that allows you to compete in draft mode where draft your deck and compete against other draft players to work your way through the ladder. You are guaranteed rewards from the start, but can earn greater rewards as you advance further with victories.

5 Standard Wildcards, 2 Limited Wildcards

You can trade in a wildcard to craft any available card of the same rarity.
The wildcards that come with the starter pack allow you take your first steps in personalizing your collection and get you started in building your deck.

Steam Cardback

Customize your presence on the battlefield with this unique Steam cardback, created specifically for the Starter Pack and the only way to receive it.

This pack can only be purchased once per account.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7 SP 1
  • Additional Notes: Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics

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