Mage Tower: Call of Zadeus

Mage Tower: Call of Zadeus

Mage Tower is an open-world roguelike deckbuilder with no set paths.

You play as a hero on a quest to stop a warlock from summoning an interdimensional monster known as Zadeus. Travel across a randomly-generated world, visit towns, and delve into dungeons. Battle the monsters roaming the land, collect cards, and upgrade your deck.

Find the boss wizards’ castles and destroy them.

Mage Tower: Call of Zadeus


Travel in any direction and explore a randomized map full of towns, dungeons, monsters, events, and other secrets. Swap cards in and out of your deck anytime. Collect overworld powerups and spells. A free-roaming deckbuilder you can play however you want.


Mage Tower is a digital sequel to the 2013 internationally published card game Mage Tower, A Tower Defense Card Game, with hundreds of new cards. It expands the original’s first-of-its-kind deckbuilder combat system, which was inspired by tower defense games.

Mage Tower: Call of Zadeus


Activate up to 6 dangerous idols before battle to make the fight more difficult, but give better rewards. This makes every battle meaningful and challenging, as you place the biggest "bet" you can based on your deck’s strategy vs. the enemy’s deck.


Over 80 character classes. Each class comes with a unique class card that cannot lose durability or break, meaning it will be your most reliable card and often the card you build your strategy around.


Mage Tower’s cards are a rich well of variation, featuring mechanics that have not been done in even the most popular card games. Escape the lurch of endless "4 Damage + Random Combat Mechanic" cards!


  • Single-player roguelike deckbuilder.
  • 350+ cards (most are UPGRADABLE.)
  • 80 classes.
  • Late 90’s aesthetic.
  • Cards lose durability after battle; fortify and repair the ones you like.
  • 4+ biomes, each with different enemy types.
  • Push your luck before battle with the Idol system.
  • Discover boons, random events, and overworld powerups throughout the world.
  • Crazy boss fights! Battle dozens of plant monsters, wizards with otherworldy spells, or multiple cards representing the various parts of a single foe.
  • Dungeons with unique rewards, but one life pool to last you through.
  • More advanced, strategic, and complex cards than other deckbuilders. BIGGER TEXT BOXES!
  • Easy to learn – the original game has a 2.83/5 complexity rating on BGG.
  • Sequel to the 2013 card game which raised over $24k on Kickstarter and has been sold in game stores internationally.
  • No "open-world slog" – always on the edge of your seat pushing your luck with battles and managing your deck and card durability.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1Gb Video Memory
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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