Update Notes

Welcome to Memories!

Memories is my first ever Steam release, this game is more so a learning experience for me though I plan on it being a good game and fun experience. I hope I can receive constructive criticism and retain a good record by fixing and squashing bugs. Hope you enjoy your purchase and find my first release entertaining.

About the Game


Memories is a low resolution horror game where you, an investigator, are tasked with a case of Malina Edward who was murdered on a cold Friday night.
The morgue who studied Malina’s body discovered that she was killed with no injuries internally or externally. You get the case on Saturday, the night after she was murdered. Slowly parking up your car in front of her residence you walk up the brick pathway to her door. Hearing what appears to be crying coming from inside the house, you open the door and peak inside, you hear it coming from the kitchen. You step inside the house and the door shuts behind you, the crying stops.

You need to find out what happened to Malina before it happens to anyone else.

Be prepared.

What’s inside

Memories is a classic, low resolution horror game where you explore a murder victims house and try to investigate the case while navigating around a house, avoiding the evil spirits that lurk within. Surviving the investigation will be a true test of your fears, explore the house if you dare. Entering the house you’re tasked with finding out what happened to Malina Edward and why and how she was murdered. Once you find yourself in the house, you can explore the entire house and gather clues on what possibly happened to Malina, the more you piece together about her death you discover more and more that this house isn’t a normal house. You find that the house is haunted with different demons trying to murder you after Malina.


PC requirements:
  • OS: 10
  • Processor: Intel core i3-6300
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 750
  • Additional Notes: These are estimates. The game runs at a lowered resolution so it may run on older hardware.

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