Oaths of Light

Oaths of Light

The story takes place a few decades after the great war that opposed the Elmeian people, and the kingdom of Meadran.

You will live the story through Eden. A 17 years old girl that lives in her small and peaceful village with her mother until the day she is summoned to the capital of the kingdom to assist the ceremonies of the Oaths of Light like every inhabitant of the kingdom on their seventeenth year.
But lately, Eden has been having the same weird dream over and over. In which she can hear a conversation between a man and a woman speaking about something that looks important.
Right before leaving the room, she looks at her face in the mirror of her cabinet and realize the face she sees isn’t hers. And she wakes up.

In parallel, weird things have been happening in the forest. Sights of mushroom men have been reported whilst they never leave their place. The forbidden forest. Named so after the great war.
Intrigued by the recent reports of the village hunters, Eden decides to investigate before leaving the village to assist the ceremonies in the capital. What she will discover is disturbing, and will awake new horizons for her and get unknowingly enlisted in a fate much bigger than her.

An RPG in which you will go through Eden’s journey. A joyful girl whom’s past had no matter until she started having that dream.
Explore a colourful world, battle against powerful foes and meet incredible people on a journey you will never forget.



PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 10
  • OS: Windows 10

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