One Spirit Demo

One Spirit Demo

One Spirit is a coming-of-age visual novel set in an alternate timeline where the Cold War drags on into the 21st century. Exploring various political, cultural and philosophical themes, the game presents an engaging, thought-provoking thriller through the eyes of its everyday characters, their struggles and hopes.

In 2003, the Iron Curtain stands tall. The superpowers of the new age wage a silent war through the means of information, economy, culture and proxy. As the Cold War slows to a crawl, the Republic of Sysica, a Western satellite state in Eastern Europe, finds itself on the verge of political death as violence, misery and war loom over its head.

One Spirit follows Yuri Danilin, an 18-year-old young man disenchanted with life, as he returns to his modest hometown in Nevilyovsk, Eastern Sysica. Having failed in his studies at the capital, he reunites with his sister knowing their time apart has changed both permanently. When news of a known local activist disappearing spread through the town, Yuri soon finds himself at the center of a dangerous game of truths.


  • About 60 introductory minutes of game time.
  • Play through Yuri’s return home to Eastern Sysica, the key events preceding the plot of One Spirit proper.
  • Explore up to 9 backgrounds, many of which are fully interactive.
  • Get acquainted with Yuri’s inner psychology as he rejoins Lada, his elder sister and last pillar of security.
  • Gather nearly a dozen lore entries already spread out through optional environment and dialogue interactions, revealing hints about the nature of Sysica, Europe and the world in an alternate 2003.
  • Enjoy a sample of One Spirit’s original soundtrack, curated by Álvaro Portabales: 6 dedicated pieces in addition to various natural ambience sounds.
  • Participate in active development by communicating your opinion, reporting bugs and engaging in feedback.


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