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IMPORTANT: If you get stuck somewhere or can’t find some solution, please follow the walkthrough. If you are confused about what kind of game it is, you can also refer to it.


Notice this walkthrough just get through the game in easy ways. It ignores most secrets and takes some damage(It is possible to beat the game undamaged).
Also, even though you follow the walkthrough, it is still sometimes difficult.


"What does the P0 mean?"

Join in our project to find the answer.

P0 is an experimental game about an experiment. It contains a dark story, large labyrinths and hundreds of challenges to explore. All these are based on its special action system and mechanics. Play the demo and follow the instruction to know more.


  • The basic control and the action system are very simple. It is not about reaction and agility, but accuracy, knowing the mechanics, and finding the solution. You can restart the current room or jump back at any time.
  • For most enemies, you need to beat them before you can leave the room, but you must leave before they completely fall down. Hitting them can *reset* the process of falling down.
    Notice their remains remain there even if you leave and return, until you reset it somehow. So sometimes where they *die* matters.
  • there are many special mechanics and map targets to deal with. You can use Action Simulator[N] to learn how to use them when you get something new.


  • Yes, this is the title. You will understand it.
  • A specially designed combat system, with one special RULE. Simple, slow, stupid, yet you will still DIE.
  • Scenes full of obstacles, puzzles and hostilities. Explore it. Reveal every secrets.
  • ……And descend into the real madness.


PC requirements:
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 50 MB available space

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