PAYDAY: The Heist Game Soundtrack

PAYDAY: The Heist Game Soundtrack

The long wait is finally over – PAYDAY: The Game Soundtrack is available for purchase! Immerse yourself in the world of PAYDAY by listening to the adrenaline pumping tunes of our favorite career criminals Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolf.
We’ve held back on nothing in this release – it’s total OVERKILL! This is without a doubt the definitive PAYDAY soundtrack digital download and it includes the following:

  • All 17 tracks in high quality MP3 format
  • All 17 tracks in superior quality Wave format
  • All 17 tracks without sound effects in both MP3 and Wave format
  • All new Venetian mask pack – if you have both PAYDAY and its soundtrack on your Steam account you get four new and unique in-game masks!
  • Music remix material so that you can make your own remixes of select PAYDAY tracks!

So are you sure you can grasp all of this!? Because we’re not sure you can! We repeat: You get high quality MP3 files ready for your MP3 player! You also get lossless Wave versions so that you can convert them to any audio format you like!
On top of that, there are sound effect free versions of all tracks for those who enjoy the music more that way (or if you want to use the music in your YouTube PAYDAY gameplay video)! And, as if that wasn’t enough you get a set of four new masks inspired by a time when art ruled!
And finally: You get remix material (separate bass lines, guitar riffs, synth leads and effects) for several of the tracks! If this isn’t an ambitious release then we don’t know what is! Still, the download doesn’t cost more than HALF what a regular album costs (without these bells and whistles) on your digital music distribution service of choice.

Track list (total running time approx. 58 minutes):

  • "Breaking News" (soundtrack exclusive track)
  • "Gun Metal Grey" (Theme from First World Bank)
  • "Double Cross" (Theme from Heat Street)
  • "Home Invasion" (Theme from Counterfeit)
  • "Busted" (Heist Failed)
  • "Stone Cold" (Theme from Green Bridge)
  • "Three Way Deal" (Theme from Undercover)
  • "Phoney Money" (Theme from Panic Room part 1)
  • "The Take" (Theme from Panic Room part 2)
  • "See You at the Safe House" (Heist Successful)
  • "Crime Wave" (Theme from Slaughterhouse)
  • "Breach of Security" (Theme from Diamond Heist)
  • "Code Silver" (Theme from No Mercy)
  • "Criminal Intent"(Main Menu)
  • "Preparations" (Load-out Menu)
  • "I Will Give You My All" by Simon Viklund
  • "Payday for You and Me" feat. Shawn Davis with band
    The Soundtrack will be placed in your PAYDAY: The Heist folder in the Steam Directory: …SteamsteamappscommonPAYDAY The HeistSoundtrack


PC requirements:
  • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
  • Hard Drive:2 MB HD space

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