Pixel Poops – Pixel Poops 64 (for Commodore 64)

Pixel Poops – Pixel Poops 64 (for Commodore 64)

This entirely new take on Pixel Poops–made entirely on and exclusively for Commodore 64!–still drops you in a park and pits you against the joggers. However…

  • Poops are now one-size-fits-all!
  • Things ramp up more quickly!
  • There’s no taco restaurant; instead, like any self-respecting video game protagonist, you eat food off the ground!
  • The aforementioned food is in short supply, and it’s dropped by the joggers…so you may need to keep them alive long enough for them to drop it!
  • Giant boulders occasionally barrel through the park! They won’t affect the joggers, but they’ll flatten you like a pancake for a little while!

Plus, Pixel Poops 64 features all-new colorful graphics, music, and sound effects! An emulator is included, but you can also take the .D64 file and play it on any compatible emulator or hardware! Enjoy this genuine, unique, yet brand NEW retro gaming experience!

For convenience, a copy of the free Commodore 64 emulator “VICE” is included. (See below for legal info.)


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7 or later

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