Pollute & Conquer

Pollute & Conquer

A strategy about ecology, where players can capture territory and build different buildings; And the choice between green and polluting buildings is important and affects both the world and the interaction between players. If both players make mistakes, then the world dies and both players lose.


    Buy neutral or enemy cells for the accumulated resources of money or influence. Surround the enemy or go to the other side of the map. Choose and purchase cells with the most profitable terrain: river, forest, desert, hill, snow, ocean.


    Build buildings suitable for specific terrain, using the bonuses or disadvantages of each of them. Adapt to your opponent’s strategy. Build polluting, neutral, or cleaning buildings that use different resources: coal, oil, river flow, nuclear, sun, wind, fusion power, or hydrocarbon cleaning.


    Upgrade technologies of different buildings. Use coal with less pollution for the world. Learn to obtain solar energy more profitably than coal. Cleanse the world with advanced hydrocarbon capture technologies. Or open a new era of thermonuclear energy.


    Use the wealth from coal and oil usage, getting rich at an incredible speed, despite the world’s disasters that destroy you and your enemy. Or cleanse the world so you don’t die and gain massive influence.


    Earn as much money and influence as possible to win. Survive the most difficult situations by finding counter-strategies against your opponent. Deal with global pollution. Or take advantage of the world’s chaos from pollution to disrupt the enemy’s plans and capture them.


    Play with friends on the same device as a board game. The game provides great opportunities for a complete competition, using many different strategies and adaptations for the map, enemy actions, and disasters.


    The game has several levels of AI difficulty from the easiest for beginners who started acquainting with the world of strategies, to the most difficult for hardcore players who want to test their skills. Can you pass them all?


    Choose a map size from several options from a small map for 15-20 minutes to a large one for 40-60 minutes.


Long ago, people believed that our world stands on 3 elephants and the elephants are standing on a giant turtle. People were wrong about 2 things:

The first – There are no elephants. This is silly. There is only a turtle.
The second – Our world is just a planet, but another beautiful place wandering in space and similar to the Earth rests on the turtle.

An unprecedented economic war for territories and resources flares up on the turtle.
Will it and all life on it die in the chaos of pollution?
Or will intelligent beings come to their senses and prevent the end of the world by developing new technologies?

Pollute and Conquer, compromise and cleanse.


PC requirements:
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Additional Notes: TBA
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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