Project F.A.L.S.E.

Project F.A.L.S.E.


Project F.A.L.S.E. is a game about an alternative world after the tragedy at a powerful energy complex as part of the experiment "Fast Atomic Leading Super Energy" in 2042. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of complete chaos and destruction of the new world, which is faced with great global problems, the solution of which depends on the fate of all mankind. Among these problems: the decline of large areas, a blow to the environment, a high mortality rate. The world’s most powerful nations have joined forces and created special military units to address the very dangerous challenges on which the salvation of the world depends.

What awaits you:

You will have to play as a military agent of a secret special unit, performing tasks from the Central Headquarters. But not everything is so simple. The secret services are constantly hindered by various obstacles: robbers and terrorists, mutants and zombies, enemy troops and agents, harsh weather conditions and air pollution. At each level you have to be careful, because danger lurks everywhere.
In the game you will find many different levels with interesting tasks, including:

  • destruction of enemies
  • silent elimination
  • search for secret artifacts
  • rescue of hostages
  • protection of teammates

To perform tasks you will have a wide arsenal of equipment:

  • improvised materials
  • knives and tools
  • pistols and revolvers
  • shotguns and grenade launchers
  • submachine guns and machine guns
  • bulletproof vests and helmets
  • additional equipment

During the levels you can find many interesting things, for example:

  • underground tunnels
  • abandoned areas
  • cars, tanks and helicopters
  • destroyed buildings
  • old notes and electronic data


This 2D Shooter will definitely not leave fans of games with a tense plot and unexpected twists, interesting gameplay and various functionalities. Also, the game has links to the real world, so who likes to look for them – it’s just for you. Despite the remote release of the game, add Project F.A.L.S.E. to your wish list now, so as not to miss interesting news in the future.


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

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