Project Pastorate OST

Project Pastorate OST

This package contains the original soundtrack of Project Pastorate. It has 10 mp3 tracks including 1 unused bonus track. The music will be downloaded into your new "music" directory.
Here is the precise list of music you’re going to get:

1. Battle Theme-1 02:46
2. Battle Theme-2 03:39
3. City Hall lunch break 04:42
4. Let’s see your papers 03:32
5. Main Theme 01:18
6. No rainbows today 04:19
7. Pastor’s blessing 01:24
8. Retirement of the Devoter 04:12
9. The last promise 03:50
10. Welcome to Phlox 03:16

If you want to listen to the Main Theme of the game (on SoundCloud) you can proceed to the website link provided to the right of this description (Visit the website).


PC requirements:
  • Storage: 35 MB available space

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