RefleX – Original Soundtrack

RefleX – Original Soundtrack

Original soundtrack to the frenetic bullet-reflection shooting game RefleX, created by SITER SKAIN and localized into English and published by Nyu Media Ltd.

Includes bonus items: CD front cover art, CD back cover art, CD label in hi-res PNG format.


1. The Tale of ALLTYNEX 2nd Chapter: Prologue
2. Briefing
3. An Unavoidable Choice
4. Crazy Goddess Virgo (Type Human)
5. An Eternal Fight
6. The Stairs to Ruin
7. The Scorpion’s Poison
8. The Tragic Law of Nature -Prelude-
9. The Tragic Law of Nature -Second Chapter-
10. Despair -Cancer-
11. The Final Resistance
12. Angel Dust
13. Air
14. The Imperial Guard -Scutum-
15. The Ruins -The ALLTYNEX Mother Brain-
16. Raiwat Virgo (Type R)
17. Mortal Illness
18. Phoenix
19. Monologue
20. Final Hour
21. The End of Reflection
22. An Unavoidable Choice -End Roll Version-
23. Game Over Type A
24. Game Over Type B


PC requirements:
  • OS: n/a
  • Processor: n/a
  • Graphics: n/a

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