RPG Maker MZ – Rogue Encampment Game Assets

RPG Maker MZ – Rogue Encampment Game Assets

Please read before you buy!

Please note that "RPG Maker MZ – Rogue Encampment Game Assets" and "RPG Maker MV – Rogue Encampment Game Assets" are the same pack, only the title "MV" and "MZ" are different. The content in these packs are exactly the same, so if you already have one of these packs, you don’t have to purchase the other!

About the Game

The Rogue Encampment Game Assets pack comes to RPG Maker from Guttykreum, creator of the Crystal Cavern and Tropical Island assets packs. This new pack features hundreds of options for building vast new campsites for both rogues, soldiers and adventurers alike.

The 4th tileset in Guttykreum’s Fantasy themed series. This RPG Maker MV/MZ compatible asset pack contains retro pixel art tiles to allow the creation of all manner of camps, forts and fields for your players to explore. Creators can select different styles of land, tents, fencing, flags, camp fires, and so much more to use for uniquely crafting their very own encampment perfect for an army on the march or a small team of heroes looking for a place to rest during a long journey. Whether you’re looking for a place to camp overnight after a successful raid or a place to launch a war campaign from, these tiles can work for you. All tiles are base size 48×48.


* Tilemaps and autotile compatible with RPGMaker MV/MZ
* 485 (48×48) Camp and fort themed tiles in png format
* Animated brazier and camp fire sprites along with Aseprite files for all animations/tiles
* Cliff sides, various grass and dirt terrain tiles, tents, crates, wagons and trees
* Trenches, palisade walls, camp fire, bushes, old stone walls, barrels and more…

Terms of Use:

* This pack is for use in RPG Maker Series or the engine of your choice.
* OK to be used in Commercial projects
* Contents can be edited
* OK for use in games with gore
* OK for use in adult-rated games


PC requirements:
  • Additional Notes: System supporting RPG Maker MZ

MAC requirements:
  • Additional Notes: System supporting RPG Maker MZ

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