Sengoku Jidai – Field of Glory Renaissance Core Rules pdf

Sengoku Jidai – Field of Glory Renaissance Core Rules pdf

Do battle with friends and enemies alike with Field of Glory: Renaissance, the miniatures tabletop wargaming rules.

Bring history to life as you engage in ferocious combat with the finest armies of the Renaissance world. The Field of Glory: Renaissance rulebook contains all the information you need to play your first epic battle with figurines, terrain, tape measures and dice.

Following on from the success of the Field of Glory ancient and medieval rules, Slitherine and Osprey are proud to present this new rulebook for a whole new era of wargaming.

Field of Glory: Renaissance takes a fresh look at the weapons and tactics that dominated the battlefields of the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries, and presents a brand-new system that captures the flavour of this colourful period while remaining familiar to current Field of Glory players.

Completely independent of the early books, Field of Glory: Renaissance has been designed in an approachable and easy-to-learn manner that allows players to focus on realistic formations and battlefield tactics of the early modern era.

Author: Richard Bodley Scott
Cover Artist: Peter Dennis
Format: 242 x 190mm, 212 pages


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