Slingshot people Demo

Slingshot people Demo

Copyright 1996-2016, Valve Corporation, All rights reserved.

Welcome to the Steamworks SDK. For documentation please see our partner
website at:

  • —————————————————————

V1.37 23rd May 2016

  • —————————————————————

Starting with this release, SDK forward-compatibility has been improved. All
executables and libraries built using the official C++ headers from this SDK
will continue to work even when paired with runtime DLLs from future SDKs. This
will eventually allow for the mixing of dynamic libraries (such as third-party
plug-ins) built with different versions of Steamworks.
The VERSION_SAFE_STEAM_API_INTERFACES compile-time flag is no longer necessary
for cross-version compatibility, and the SteamAPI_InitSafe and
SteamGameServer_InitSafe functions have been removed. Applications which
currently use these InitSafe functions should be changed to use the normal Init
functions instead.

  • Removed unsed UGCHandle_t m_hFile from RemoteStoragePublishedFileUpdated_t


  • Added ability to add additional preview types to UGC such as standard images,

Youtube Videos, Sketchfab Models, Etc.


  • Added BIsPhoneVerified()
  • Added BIsTwoFactorEnabled()


  • Added IsSteamInBigPictureMode()
  • Added StartVRDashboard(), which asks Steam to create and render the OpenVR



  • Added RequestAllProofOfPurchaseKeys
  • —————————————————————

V1.36 9th February 2016

  • —————————————————————


  • added new function TriggerRepeatedHapticPulse()

Revision history

  • —————————————————————

V1.35 21st September 2015

  • —————————————————————


* The controller API has been redesigned to work with production Steam
Controllers and take advantage of the configuration panel inside of Steam. The
documentation on the partner site has a full overview of the new API.
* Added asynchronous file read and write methods. These methods will not block
your calling thread for the duration of the disk IO. Additionally, the IO is
performed in a worker thread in the Steam engine, so they will not impact other
Steam API calls.
– FileWriteAsync: Similar in use to FileWrite, however it returns a
SteamAPICall_t handle. Use the RemoteStorageFileWriteAsyncComplete_t structure
with your asynchronous Steam API handler, and that will indicate the results of
the write. The data buffer passed in to FileWriteAsync is immediately copied, so
you do not have to ensure it is valid throughout the entire asynchronous
– FileReadAsync: This function queues an asynchronous read on the file
specified, and also returns a SteamAPICall_t handle. The completion event uses
the new RemoteStorageFileReadAsyncComplete_t structure. Upon successful
completion, you can use the new FileReadAsyncComplete function to read the data

  • – passing in the original call handle, a pointer to a buffer for the data, and

the amount to read (which generally should be equal to the amount read as
specified by the callback structure, which generally will be equal to the amount
requested). Additionally, the FileReadAsync function lets you specify an offset
to read at, so it is no longer necessary to read the entire file in one call.

  • —————————————————————

V1.34 28th July 2015

  • —————————————————————


  • Added ability to set and retrieve key-value tags on an item. There can be

Multiple Values For Each Key.

  • Added ability to query all UGC that have matching key-value tags.
  • Added ability to specify a title and description on an item for a specific

Language (defaults to English).

  • Added ability to query for items and return the title and description in a

Preferred Language.

  • Added ability to vote on an item and retrieve the current user’s vote on a

Given Item (duplicated From isteamremotestorage).

  • —————————————————————

V1.33 6th May 2015

  • —————————————————————


  • Added DownloadItem(), which will force download a piece of UGC (it will be

cached based on usage). This can be used by stand-alone game servers.

  • Renamed GetItemUpdateInfo() => GetItemDownloadInfo() and added GetItemState()

which can be used to determine whether an item is currently being downloaded,
has already been downloaded, etc.

  • Added ability to set and retrieve developer metadata for an item
  • Added ability to modify a user’s favorites list
  • Added ability to retrieve preview image & video URLs
  • Added ability to retrieve "children" for an item (e.g. for collections)
  • Added ability to retrieve stats, such as current number of subscribers,

Lifetime Unique Subscribers, Etc.


  • steamvr.h has been removed. You can use the OpenVR SDK to access those


  • Added ability to check if a user is currently broadcasting
  • —————————————————————

V1.32 5th February 2015

  • —————————————————————


  • Added an auto-generated "flat" C-style API for common Steamworks features


  • Added an auto-generated C# binding for common Steamworks features


  • Expanded the ISteamFriends interface to include steam levels and friends


  • Expanded the ISteamHTTP interface to include cookie handling, SSL certificate

Verification, and Network Timeouts

  • Fixed typos in ISteamHTMLSurface interface constants


  • Added the initial version of ISteamInventory, a developer-preview release of

our new Steam Inventory Service for managing and tracking a Steam-compatible
inventory of in-game items. Please see the documentation for the Inventory
Service on the partner website for more details.

  • —————————————————————

V1.31 8th September 2014

  • —————————————————————


  • The Workshop item content API in ISteamUGC now supports legacy workshop items

uploaded via the ISteamRemoteStorage interface. ISteamUGC::GetItemInstallInfo().
This will return whether the item was a legacy item or a new item. If it is a
legacy item, then the pchFolder variable will be the full path to the file.

  • Added initial version of ISteamHTMLSurface API, which allows games to get

textures for html pages and interact with them. There is also a sample
implementation in the SteamworksExample.
Virtual Reality:

  • Added VR_IsHmdPresent, which returns true if an HMD appears to be present but

does not initialize the VR API. This is useful when enabling/disabling UI
elements to offer VR mode to a user.

  • Added VR_GetStringForHmdError which turns an HmdError enum value into a



  • The example Steampipe batch file (run_build.bat) now uses run_app_build_http

Instead Of Run_app_build By Default.

  • Updated wxPython requirements for this app (version 2.7 and 2.8 supported).

App will prompt with updated URL to download compatible packages if necessary.

  • —————————————————————

V1.30 10th July 2014

  • —————————————————————


  • Added a new Workshop item content API in ISteamUGC that is easy to use and

allows multiple files per item without any size limits. It uses the same
content system that handles regular content depots, resulting in faster and
smaller downloads due to delta patching. Subscribed workshop items will
be placed in unique subfolders in the install folder, so the game doesn’t need
to fetch them using ISteamRemoteStorage anymore. The new API is not
backwards compatible with old items created with ISteamRemoteStorage. Added
Workshop feature to steamworksexample using ISteamUGC.
Steam VR:

  • VR_Init now requires that you call SteamAPI_Init first.
  • —————————————————————

V1.29 24th April 2014

  • —————————————————————


  • Adjust game server login to use a token instead of username/password. Tokens

are randomly generated at account creation time and can be reset.

  • Added existing text param to ISteamUtils::ShowGamepadTextInput() so games can

Prepopulate Control Before Displaying to User.

  • Updated retail disc installer to use a single multi-language steamsetup.exe

Replacing All Steam Install Msi Packages.

  • Removed redistributable Steam libraries for dedicated servers. Standalone

dedicated server should use shared "Steamworks SDK Redist" depots.

  • steamcmd is now included for Linux and OSX.


  • Introducing API to control the Steam Music Player from external software. As

an example this gives games the opportunity to pause the music or lower the
volume, when an important cut scene is shown, and start playing afterwards.

  • Added menu and code to the Steamworks Example to demonstrate this API.
  • This feature is currently limited to users in the Steam Music Player Beta. It

Will Have No Effect On other Users.


  • ISteamUGC – Add m_bCachedData to SteamUGCQueryCompleted_t and

SteamUGCRequestUGCDetailsResult_t which can be used to determine if the data was
retrieved from the cache.

  • ISteamUGC – Allow clients to get cached responses for ISteamUGC queries. This

is so client code doesn’t have to build their own caching layer on top of

  • ISteamRemoteStorage – add the name of the shared file to

RemoteStorageFileShareResult_t so it can be matched up to the request if a game
has multiple outstanding FileShare requests going on at the same time
Steam VR:

  • Renamed GetEyeMatrix to GetHeadFromEyePose and made it return an HmdMatrix34t.

This doesn’t actually change the values it was returning, it just updates the
name to match the values that were already being returned. Changed the driver
interface too.

  • Renamed GetWorldFromHeadPose to GetTrackerFromHeadPose to avoid confusion

about the game’s world space vs. the tracker’s coordinate system.

  • Also renamed GetLastWorldFromHeadPose to GetLastTrackerFromHeadPose.
  • Added GetTrackerZeroPose method to get the tracker zero pose.
  • Added VR support to the Linux/SDL version of the Steamworks Example.
  • —————————————————————

V1.28 28th January 2014

  • —————————————————————
  • Added Steamworks Virtual Reality API via steamvr.h.
  • Added ISteamUtils::IsSteamRunningInVRMode, which returns true if the Steam

Client Is Running In Vr Mode.

  • Deprecated ISteamGameserver::GetGameplayStats and

ISteamGameserver::GetServerReputation. These calls already return no data and
will be removed in a future SDK update.

  • Added result code k_EResultRateLimitExceeded, which can now be returned if a

User Has too Many outstanding Friend Requests.

  • —————————————————————

V1.26a 14th November 2013

  • —————————————————————
  • Fix missing accessor function in steam_api.h for SteamUGC()
  • —————————————————————

V1.26 6th November 2013

  • —————————————————————
  • Includes for 64-bit Linux.
  • Callbacks ValidateAuthTicketResponse_t and GSClientApprove_t now contain the

SteamID of the owner of current game. If the game is borrowed, this is different
than the player’s SteamID.

  • Added ISteamFriends::GetPlayerNickname, which returns the nickname the current

User Has Set For the Specified Player.

  • Fix p2p networking apis on Linux so they work with dedicated servers
  • Fix command line argument handling bug in SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary on

Linux and Osx.

  • Added ISteamApps::GetLaunchQueryParam, which will get the value associated

with the given key if a game is launched via a url with query paramaters, such
as steam://run///?param1=value1;param2=value2;param3=value3. If the game
is already running when such a url is executed, instead it will receive a
NewLaunchQueryParameters_t callback.

  • Added EUGCReadAction parameter to ISteamRemoteStorage:UGCRead that allows the

game to keep the file open if it needs to seek around the file for arbitrary
data, rather than always closing the file when the last byte is read.

  • Added new ISteamUGC interface that is used for querying for lists of UGC

details (e.g. Workshop items, screenshots, videos, artwork, guides, etc.). The
ISteamUGC interface should be used instead of ISteamRemoteStorage, which
contains similar, but less flexible and powerful functionality.

  • Removed tools for deprecated content system
  • —————————————————————

V1.25 1st october 2013

  • —————————————————————
  • Fixed a crash in the 1.24 SDK update when attempting to call

ISteamRemoteStorage::GetPublishedFileDetails by adding a missing parameter
unMaxSecondsOld, which allows a game to request potentially-cached details
(passing a value of 0 retains the previous behavior).

  • —————————————————————


17th July 2013

  • —————————————————————


  • Added ISteamUser::GetBadgeLevel and ISteamUser::GetPlayerSteamLevel functions


  • Games can now initiate Steam Friend requests, removals, request -accepts and

request-ignores via ISteamFriends ActivateGameOverlayToUser API. This prompts

the user for confirmation before action is taken.

  • Updated the OS X Content Prep tool and game wrapper for improved compatibility

With Os X 10.8 (mountain Lion).


  • Added install script for the Steam Linux Runtime tools (run "bash


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: с тактовой частотой 1 ГГц
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: со 128 МБ видеопамяти, совместимая с DirectX
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: совместимая с DirectX 9.0c
  • Additional Notes: +

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