Source Wars

Source Wars

Holodeck Arena (formerly Source Wars) is a fast-paced arcade RTS with base-building, resource management and territorial conquest, set in a tron-like environment. Battles are fought in virtual arenas that are divided into sectors. Each sector has it’s own mainframe temple, which can be hacked to take over the sector. The game is won, once all sectors are hacked and all enemy units destroyed.

The game is currently in early development and in the current version you can play against up to 7 AIs for territorial domination. Each player starts with one sector and units are spawned automatically at the mainframe temple of that sector at regular intervals. Enemy sectors are captured by standing next to the mainframe temple of those sectors with at least 1.5 times as many units as any of the opponents have standing there. Winning conditions are the conquest of all enemy sectors as well as the destruction of all enemy units.

More coming soon.

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PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 10
  • OS: Windows 10

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