Starfighter General

Starfighter General


The future is near, the MMO landscape is about to get great with the new engine I developed. Unlimited players in the same zone, 1/2 the latency (yes 1/2 the lag), and no server maintenance costs. Play now to power up your base and fleet for in preparation for a huge MMO to compete with other titans of space mmos.


Build a Starbase, Research new ships, build a huge fleet of ships.
Take your fleet of ships, and fight other fleets of ships and bases.

Upgrade your Command Center to get more buildings (Max level 20), but other
buildings can level up to 1000 and beyond.

Use your Factory to Assemble more ships to battle on your side!
User Research Lab to unlock the ability to research higher tier ships.
Upgrade hangars to store more craft.
Upgrade Computrons to use more of your fleet in battle with a chip.
Mine for Xmatter with mining operations.
Store matter with Silos.
Get Power Plants to speed building.
Even get a building that will give you a trickle of virtal currency(Triderium)

Defend your base when you are offline with turrets.

Raid bases and shoot mining operations or silos to gain Xmatter.
Kill Ships/Buildings for scrap to build/research ships.

I think this game is legit good now, and it will be better.

Features I want to add:

Capital ships

Incremental Upgrades of each ship

Fleet placement Base/Attacking, and strategies.

Bomber and Assault ships to gain bombs/missiles.

MOBA(Actually done, but just launching single player at first because I don’t know how to host a server.)

MMO+Missions where you fight different skirmishes but get permanent loot.

A sort of galaxy conquering mode strategically, but your battles are fought in first person.

A grand Role Playing Game with Live Game Master where you get to alter the very course of the universe with any choice you make, and your actions are recorded. This is MMO and slated for a few months from now.


Another take:

The game’s next two updates are fleet management and capital ships in the next month should be finished by 1/30/21

Then it will become a MMO in 3 monthish afterwards.

The MMO will contain "Space dungeons" which are special zones that all players compete
for a big reward. Each Space Dungeon has a different win condition and goals. One
might be ffa. Another might be FFA highlander mode. Another might be science based.
Another might be team vs team. Another might be chess team (aka you kill the king) you
win. Another might be who kills a boss fastest. Long story short, once a day, these
places will drop really good loot predictably either on a timer, or via clue sheet. Then
most players will know where to be. And the same guy won’t win every ‘Space Dungeon’
because the rules are dif for each.

There will be resource trading, aka, buy aluminum or other metals one place and sell
another like Elite.

There will be a PVP bounty system. Everyone can PVP at all times. Stakes are low
if your ship explodes. If you get attacked without declaring aggressive mode or an
opponent to duel, the aggressor gets a bounty on their head in accordance with the
damage dealt to you. If this bounty gets high enough, and they get caught, they will be
put in jail. When they log on for the next few hours or days, their character can play
only in jail, and visitors come see him and such. Global chat disabled.

There will be illegal substances like fictitious drugs and contraband weapons which you can
profit from greatly, but you risk your cargo being scanned by a random and getting
a bounty on your head.

There will later be grand space opera. AKA Live Game Masters will observe the game, and
allow players to permanently change the history on their server.

Then later, the ability to touch down on ground, and your player get out FPS style will come.

I have other plans, but this will be a very fun game to come along for the dev ride.
Enjoy updates and get yourself strong now, so when later the Space Opera comes out,
you can be one of the big dawg influencers of the universe.

Thank you for your interest!

God Bless you. God is love.

,James W. Sager III


PC requirements:
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: 64 bit Windows
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Need ok 3d card. Will have future modes to challenge big rigs too. Game renders 700,000 verticies now.
  • Storage: 80 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: These are rough launch requirements. This game will demand more disk space in future updates. Other requirements may change with updates also.
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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