String Theory Original Soundtrack

String Theory Original Soundtrack

Over one hour of music from the String Theory original soundtrack, by composer Shael Riley, in lossless FLAC and high-quality MP3 format.

01 Piano Rock (C Major)
02 Piano Rock (M Minor)
03 String Theory (C Major)
04 String Theory (C Minor)
05 Bassic (C Major)
06 Bassic (C Minor)
07 Groove McSmooth (C Major)
08 Groove McSmooth (C Minor)
09 Got Da Blues (C Major)
10 Got Da Blues (C Minor)
11 Hardlectro Swing (C Major)
12 Hardlectro Swing (C Minor)
13 Root Toot (C Major)
14 Root Toot (C Minor)
15 Me Time (C Major)
16 Me time (C Minor)
17 Bario Paint (C Major)
18 Bario Paint (C Minor)
19 Bru U Lift (C Major)
20 Bro U Lift (C Minor)
21 I Wub U (C Maj)
22 I Wub U (C Min)
23 Little Grey Box (C Maj)
24 Little Grey Box (C Min)
25 Ponsive (C Maj)
26 Ponsive (C Min)
27 Prom From the Past (C Maj)
28 Prom From the Past (C Min)
29 Ruthless Aggression (C Maj)
30 Ruthless Aggression (C Min)
31 Sassy Pants (C Maj)
32 Sassy Pants (C Min)
33 That’s Dirty (C Maj)
34 That’s Dirty (C Min)
35 See Sixty Four (C Maj)
36 See Sixty Four (C Min)
37 Rocket Lounger (C Maj)
38 Rocket Lounger (C Min)
39 Saturn (C Maj)
40 Saturn (C Min)
41 Victory (C Maj)
42 Victory (C Min)


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP or above

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