The Cat Machine – Soundtrack

The Cat Machine – Soundtrack

With The Cat Machine’s soundtrack, you can feel like you’re solving cat based logical puzzles and saving the world, wherever you are! Featuring seven tracks, twelve and a half minutes of specially prepared soundtrack-edition music by composer Peter Nickalls, now your life can have music with meows, that it has so desperately required.


  • Main Theme – 1:07
  • Testing the Solution – 0:45
  • Purrfect Puzzle – 2:54
  • Steaming Along – 3:31
  • Machine Complete – 0:11
  • Kitty Conundrum – 3:02
  • Cats to the Rescue – 1:03

Also included are high-quality FLAC files, for those of you whose ears can’t abide even the mention of an MP3.


PC requirements:
  • Storage: 95 MB available space

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