The Deed of Deception

The Deed of Deception

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The Deed of Deception
We here at Objective Reality are proud to announce our revised release date of January 2022!
We are hard at work designing all the interactive haunts we can to deliver the best possible experience. With 2 haunts already coded, we are planning to have a minimum of 5 variations by January. Giving 5 different game modes, endless room layouts, and in turn endless replayability. Check us out this October for Next Fest and put January 2022 in your calendar.

About the Game

The Deed of Deception starts as a 4-player cooperative puzzle game. Working together to find the deed and inherit your fortune. Once the deed is discovered the players realize that there is no inheritance to be had. There is something in this manor. Something ancient, something…evil. The player who finds the deed becomes possessed. Given special abilities and powers with the singular mission of trapping their friends and stealing their souls to fuel the evil in this place. The gameplay changes based on the type of possession the manor decides to use. Each variation offers different abilities. Sometimes using the element of deception to trick or brute strength to overpower. The souls of those who have been trapped try to help any way they can. Maybe giving items, or hints. Anything they can to help those escape where they failed.

Fire and Brimstone
The possessed is given the power to wield ethereal flame. The flames consume the manor slowly creeping from room to room as he lays traps for the panicked players to step in and succumb to the flame while they search for the ingredients to the potion to extinguish the flame with the help of the spirits in the manor.

The Grog
An ancient pet of Beelzebub himself inhabits the body of the possessed. The grog can freeze the players in fear. Unable to move. The only thing that can stop the grog is holy light and the players must find all of the broken pieces of the holy lantern before the grog freezes everyone.

The Manor is calling for you, will you answer? Uncle Barnabas sadly met his maker. Before he left this plane, he designed several puzzles and challenges to test his relatives and find a fit heir to take possession of his fortune. Finding the deed within the house will be the answer to your players. Strangely you don’t remember your uncle. At least not until this strange butler came to tell you of his last will and testament. But you go because, why not? The promise of riches is far too tempting to let go…

The deed is more than paper and ink. It is something ancient. Something …. Evil. Promising possession of unimaginable riches but the possession is not of things. IT, this place, possesses you. Manifesting the evil within these walls into the poor soul who stumbles upon and awakens it. This manor means to unleash the evils from other dimensions into our world. They need the life force of you and your friends to open their gate. They have almost completed their work and you are all that stand in the way of this unimaginable plan. Can you stop them?

-15+ variations of possessions for an endless playthrough
– Randomized room generation. The manor will be a new layout each time you play
– Character specific stats making your character selection an important strategic aspect
– cross-platform(Steam, Oculus, PSVR)


PC requirements:
  • OS: windows 10
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 3.9 GHz AM4
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: MSI RTX 2060 6gb
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Classic PCI Sound Card 5.1CH CMI8738 Chipset Audio
  • Additional Notes: Will also play on PS4/5 VR capable console

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