The Glassfire Amulet

The Glassfire Amulet

The Glassfire Amulet is a solid fantasy adventure featuring demon girls, feral cat girls, sexy barfly dark elf guys, and of course–most importantly–aloof dragon girls. It also features dungeons and classic rpg battles with dozens of monsters from the depths of the world.

Take it from Gibb the Platonic Tentacle Monster –
“Why are you quoting me? Don’t quote me, stop it. I’m going to my library.”

Game features:

  • A cohesive and original story from start to finish
  • Sidequests helping cute girls and guys withs stuff they should probably be able to do on their own
  • Lots of battles including elemental systems and enemy weapon weaknesses
  • Tons of skills and customizable party members! Want the tank to also heal? Can do!
  • Estimated Gameplay Length: 2 to 10 hours unless you’re achievement farming!
  • Achievements to farm!
  • Tons of dumb and dirty jokes
  • Replay Value (Hidden quests and romances)
  • Most importantly there is a wet t-shirt contest featuring only tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows 7

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