The Last Poem Demo

The Last Poem Demo

Invited to Game Development World Championship!!

The Last Poem was invited to compete in The Game Development World Championship! Check out the link below!!

About the Game

The Last Poem – The Trials of Poe is a third person Action RPG set in the mid-1800s that sends the player into the shoes of Edgar Allan Poe. The unfortunate Poe made a deal with the god of poetry, Bragi and now at the age of 31, payment has no come due. Wrought with the pain of such an early departure, thinking about what he’d be leaving behind, not his wife, Virginia, but his literary genius that he had now been reminded was not of his own creations but the god turned muse that he’s made this deal with.

Player’s battle through the worlds of Edgar Allan Poe’s creations, fighting hordes of monsters, demons, even poets of a time since past. With one goal in mind, Bring the Soul of Poe to Bragi. What will you do? Will you succumb to the whims of a mischievous and evil god or will you free your soul and keep on living to write much more wonderful literary works?

Keyboard Controls:

Arrows: Movement
F: Interaction / Ok for Dialogue Progression
Q: Basic Attack
W, E, R: Skill Attacks (Once Equipped)
A: Skill Tree
D: Inventory
Esc: In Game Menu


PC requirements:
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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