Truth Of Falchion: Soundtrack

Truth Of Falchion: Soundtrack

This unique soundtrack, specially designed for "Truth Of Falchion" from the media group 8Feb Music Group, contains more than 30 minutes of music, which illustrates the atmosphere of various playing places. This DLC soundtrack contains all the game music in 320kbps format in MP3 format. The soundtrack was played by famous musicians (Info Incognito).


00. Intro (02:07)
01. Valley Of Life (05:52)
02. Eternal (02:50)
03. Challenge Of The Gods (02:51)
04. Choir Of Elves (04:24)
05. The Eyes Of Truth (06:08)
06. The Voice Of Hope (02:26)
07. Invisible Love (05:08)
08. After Time (04:19)
09. Silent Lucidity (03:04)
10. Fade To Gray (03:53)
11. Flowers Of The Sea (03:21)


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