Verdun – Supporter Edition Upgrade

Verdun – Supporter Edition Upgrade

Our WW1 FPS games Verdun and Tannenberg have always enjoyed encouragement from our loyal community, and it’s thanks to them that the games are where they are today. This supporters edition allows fans to show their support for the WW1 Game Series. As a small token of gratitude you will receive the following:

The supporter edition includes:

  • Special Supporter Medal
  • Scoreboard Star icon next to your rank icon to show off your support
  • Official Verdun Soundtrack (16:00 minutes)
    • The Battle of Verdun
    • Horrors of War
    • To the Front
    • To End All Wars
    • Into The Trenches and Over The Top
    • Piper’s Hymn
    • Lest We Forget
    • Bonus Track
  • Verdun Squad Anthems – 2:45
  • End Match Stings – 1:00
  • Career Points headstart of 15 extra points to unlock weapons and loadouts faster.(Also after prestige)
  • Verdun Artwork such as Wallpapers, Weapon Renders, Squad Icons, Special Banners and Character Renders
  • Film Memoir mode, which changes your view to that of a WW1 era film reel. Black and white, film grain effects, and audio details complete the effect. Make your own WW1 documentaries!

And above all, our sincere gratitude!


PC requirements:
  • Processor: See base game

MAC requirements:
  • Processor: See base game

Linux requirements:
  • Processor: See base game

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