Visual Novel Maker – Japanese Anime Voices:Female Character Series Vol.3

Visual Novel Maker – Japanese Anime Voices:Female Character Series Vol.3

Do your female anime characters have a lot to chat about? Vol 3 of Japanese Anime Voices: Female Character Series Vol.3 will give them just the additional extras they need to better tell their stories! Picking up where Vol 2 left off, this pack offers more common, everyday phrases useful for game dialog. Go ahead and give your female players even more things to talk about and expand their dialog!


* 127 Japanese animation-like female voices (phrases) for royalty-free use
* OGG, M4A formats included
* Female voices (in Japanese phrases) for Visual Novel Games, RPGs and much more!
* English translation file included
* For use in Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice!


1. 001_Start1.wav いくわよぉ Here I go
2. 002_Start2.wav あら、敵さんねぇ Oh… an enemy, huh?
3. 003_Victory1.wav ふふ、終わりね。 Heh, it’s the end for you
4. 004_Victory2.wav あら?もう終わり? Huh? Is it over already?
5. 005_Follow1.wav わかったわぁ Understood~!
6. 006_Follow2.wav まかせてぇ Leave it in my hands
7. 007_Choice1.wav どうしましょう? What to do now?
8. 008_Choice2.wav どうしてほしい? What do you want me to do?
9. 009_Runaway1.wav 逃げましょー Let’s run away
10. 010_Runaway2.wav さようならー Goodbye
11. 011_Tool use1.wav 使っちゃうわ I’m using it
12. 012_Tool use2.wav アイテムどおぞ Please use this item
13. 013_Healthy turn1.wav 私の番よぉ My turn
14. 014_Healthy turn2.wav やっちゃうわよぉ I’m doing it
15. 015_Dying turn1.wav 動けないわぁ I can’t move…
16. 016_Dying turn2.wav もう駄目ぇ It might be the end for me…
17. 017_Abnormal state turn1.wav ふらふらぁ I’m exhausted…
18. 018_Abnormal state turn2.wav 苦しいわぁ It hurts…
19. 019_Unable to fight1.wav おやすみなさぁい Good night…
20. 020_Unable to fight2.wav ごめんなさぁい I’m sorry…
21. 021_Damage1.wav つっ Ow!
22. 022_Damage2.wav きゃ Eek!
23. 023_Damage3.wav もうっ Hey!
24. 024_Damage4.wav やっ Ow!!!
25. 025_Damage5.wav やだぁっ No!
26. 026_Large damage1.wav いったーい That hurts!
27. 027_Large damage2.wav やめてよぉ Knock it off…
28. 028_Large damage3.wav きゃあん Ouch!
29. 029_Large damage4.wav んもうっ Ow…
30. 030_Large damage5.wav だめぇ Don’t.
31. 031_No damage1.wav あらあら? Huh~?
32. 032_No damage2.wav 痛くないわ It doesn’t hurt…
33. 033_Weak attack1.wav えいっ Hah!
34. 034_Weak attack2.wav やあっ Here!
35. 035_Weak attack3.wav とおっ Hmph!
36. 036_Weak attack4.wav それっ Take this!
37. 037_Weak attack5.wav ふっ Hm
38. 038_Medium attack1.wav えぇ~い Hah!
39. 039_Medium attack2.wav いやあ~っ Haaah!
40. 040_Medium attack3.wav と~う Hmph!
41. 041_Medium attack4.wav そぉ~れ Now take this!
42. 042_Medium attack5.wav めっ Hm
43. 043_Strong attack1.wav えええぇい! Haaaaaah!
44. 044_Strong attack2.wav やぁぁぁっ! Hmmmm!
45. 045_Strong attack3.wav とおおぉう! Ahhhh!
46. 046_Strong attack4.wav いくわよぉおお! Here I gooo!
47. 047_Strong attack5.wav おいたしちゃ、めっ! Don’t mess around, hmph!
48. 048_Recover1.wav 回復しましょ Let’s recover some
49. 049_Recover2.wav これで大丈夫 This should be enough
50. 050_Recover3.wav 助けてあげちゃう I’ll help you
51. 051_Ok1.wav ええ Yep
52. 052_Ok2.wav そうね That’s right.
53. 053_Ok3.wav はいっ Yes!
54. 054_Deny1.wav えー Huh…?
55. 055_Deny2.wav うーん Hm…
56. 056_Deny3.wav むー Hmph.
57. 057_Aha1.wav ふんふん Right, right
58. 058_Aha2.wav うんうん Yeah
59. 059_Aha3.wav そうよねぇ That’s right
60. 060_Reply1.wav なぁに? What~?
61. 061_Reply2.wav あらー? Oh?
62. 062_Reply3.wav ご用かしら? May I help you?
63. 063_Discover1.wav あらっ Oh
64. 064_Discover2.wav ん? Hm
65. 065_Discover3.wav なにかしら? What is it?
66. 066_Thinking1.wav うーん? Huh…?
67. 067_Thinking2.wav むむむー? Hmmm?
68. 068_Thinking3.wav そうねぇ… That’s true…
69. 069_Thinking4.wav んん? Hm?
70. 070_Thinking5.wav んーとー? I, uh…
71. 071_Suspicious1.wav あらあらぁ? Oh hoh…?
72. 072_Suspicious2.wav におうわねぇ This smells…
73. 073_Joy1.wav やったわ! We did it!
74. 074_Joy2.wav うれしいわ! I’m so happy!
75. 075_Joy3.wav あらぁー! Wow~!
76. 076_Anger1.wav もうっ Hey!
77. 077_Anger2.wav ぷーんだ I’m mad!
78. 078_Feel down1.wav はぁ。 Ah…
79. 079_Feel down2.wav もー No…
80. 080_Shyness1.wav や、やめて Don’t do that!
81. 081_Shyness2.wav いやぁーん! Nooo!
82. 082_Satisfaction1.wav はぁーん Ahhh…
83. 083_Satisfaction2.wav あらぁーん Wooow!
84. 084_Shy1.wav あ、あのぉ E-excuse me…
85. 085_Shy2.wav そ、そのぉ I, I just…
86. 086_Surprise1.wav きゃっ! Ah!
87. 087_Surprise2.wav なんなのぉ!? What is it now?!
88. 088_Laugh1.wav うふふっ Hahaha!
89. 089_Laugh2.wav えへっ Hehe
90. 090_Bitter smile1.wav あららぁ Uh! Hehe…
91. 091_Bitter smile2.wav お、ほほほ Oh… hoho..
92. 092_Grin1.wav あらぁ? Hmmm?
93. 093_Grin2.wav なぁにぃ? What?
94. 094_Weep1.wav えーん Waaah…
95. 095_Weep2.wav あーん Awww…
96. 096_Thank you1.wav あら、ありがとう Oh, thank you
97. 097_Thank you2.wav うれしいわぁ This makes me happy
98. 098_Praise1.wav すごいわぁ That’s incredible
99. 099_Praise2.wav あらぁ~! Wooow!
100. 100_Apologize1.wav ごめんなさい I’m sorry
101. 101_Apologize2.wav ゆるしてぇ Please forgive me
102. 102_Amazed1.wav あら Oh
103. 103_Amazed2.wav はぁあ Hah…
104. 104_Abuse1.wav なんでぇ? Why…?
105. 105_Abuse2.wav どうしてぇ? How…?
106. 106_Request1.wav 助けてぇ! Help!
107. 107_Request2.wav お願い Please
108. 108_Hello1.wav こんにちはぁ Hello
109. 109_Hello2.wav どうもぉ Greetings
110. 110_Call1.wav ねぇー Hey…
111. 111_Call2.wav きいてるぅ? Are you listening to me?
112. 112_Call strongly1.wav ちょっと、もぉ Hey! Hmph..
113. 113_Call strongly2.wav まちなさぁい Wait for me!
114. 114_Watch out1.wav だめぇ! No!!
115. 115_Watch out2.wav いけないっ No good!
116. 116_Hold1.wav よいしょー Oof
117. 117_Hold2.wav えーいっ Hmph!
118. 118_Hand over1.wav どうぞぉ Here
119. 119_Hand over2.wav あげるわぁ I’ll give you this
120. 120_Get shocked1.wav そんなぁ No, that’s…
121. 121_Get shocked2.wav やだわぁ I don’t want that…
122. 122_Good bye1.wav さようならぁ Goodbye~!
123. 123_Good bye2.wav また会いましょぉ? Let’s meet again!
124. 124_growth_Enhanced1.wav あら?あらぁ? Oh… huh?!
125. 125_growth_Enhanced2.wav みなぎるわぁ I feel full of energy…
126. 126_growth_Level up1.wav やったわぁ! I did it!
127. 127_growth_Level up2.wav もっと強くなっちゃう I’ll become even stronger!


PC requirements:
  • Additional Notes: System supporting VNM

MAC requirements:
  • Additional Notes: System supporting VNM

Linux requirements:
  • Additional Notes: System supporting VNM

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