We are Legion: Rome

We are Legion: Rome

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About the Game

We are Legion: Rome
We are Legion: Rome
Welcome to the brutal times of the Roman conquests.
We are Legion: Rome
We are Legion: Rome is an action-adventure RPG set in antiquity, heavily focused on combat-based mainly on varied directional attacks. You take the role of a loyal Roman legionnaire who will hack and slash through the barbarian hordes. You will slay enemies of Rome, to establish world peace, to achieve ultimate victory, and finally to come back safely to your family.

We are Legion: Rome The Brotherhood: Fight & use different tactics as a team in small & big battles
We are Legion: Rome The Elite: Use unique fighting mechanics and dismember hands, legs & heads.
We are Legion: Rome The Skills: While advancing in ranks, you will unlock more great skills.
We are Legion: Rome The Glory: Realstic graphics will show how the real battlefield looks like.
We are Legion: Rome The History: Rome is not only battles, it’s history & plot behind that.
We are Legion: Rome The Family: Send & read letters to your loved ones, let them the true meaning of war.

We are Legion: Rome
You are here bringing peace and glory, spread the roman laws and way of life. Do whatever needed. You are not brutal. This is war. You are justified.

We are Legion: Rome
Take your sword, put your armor on and let your weapons cover with blood of those who did not kneel before the might of Rome.

We are Legion: Rome
The barbarian horde came in great numbers. Maintaining order and morale in your troops is the key to victory.

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We are Legion: Rome


PC requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Graphics: GTX 660

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