Zoeti Demo

Zoeti Demo

◈Roguelike X Poker X Card Battler ◈
Zoeti is a card Battler game that combines Roguelike and poker.

The original poker energy system combines Roguelike deck-building gameplay (such as: Slay the Spire, Griftlands) to create a new unique card strategy gameplay.

The Zoeti is a fantasy medieval world full of tarot cards, stars, souls, and magic. The art will be presented in bright and delicate hand-painted style.

Kinds of level scripts, combined with Roguelike , make the game not only fun, but also closely integrated with the story.

Story summary:
The Zoeti continent began to be anomalous a hundred years ago. From time to time, powerful monsters swept across the continent, and the cities that the monsters passed through were not spared.
The three "star soul heros", for their own beliefs, embarked on the road to slaying monsters…


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